Bon Voyage! The Advantages of an All-inclusive Destination Wedding

Bon Voyage! The Advantages of an All-inclusive Destination Wedding



If you are considering booking an all-inclusive destination wedding, there are some amazing advantages to choosing one over a traditional resort. Getting married at a traditional resort can be a budget buster simply because you must order everything from vendor services to alcohol a la carte, but an all-inclusive resort takes the guesswork out of wedding planning.


Most all-inclusive resorts are located in Mexico and the Caribbean, so if you already have your sights set on either place, it is a choice worth exploring. All-inclusive destination wedding packages provide a detailed view of costs to include everything from rooms to the reception dinner. Also, booking an all-inclusive resort does create an incentive for guests to make the trip since it can be a much more affordable option than staying at a regular resort.



Why Brides & Grooms Choose to Go All-Inclusive: Convenience & Cost


It’s no secret that weddings can easily become logistical nightmares. This is especially true if you have several different vendors showing up within the same few hours. The first advantage to an all-inclusive resort is convenience. Wedding couples can have access to on-site vendors at all times, the ceremony site, and the reception room.


The second advantage is cost per person. Unexpected costs can cut any wedding budget off at the knees  no matter if it is a beachside or cityscape affair. However, a destination wedding is the Type-A or budget conscious bride’s dream because everything is spelled out in black-and-white. Most resort packages will include the following:



  • Ceremony


  • Officiate


  • Cake


  • Food


  • Reception


  • Travel Costs


  • Taxes


  • Entertainment


  • Transfers from airport to hotel


  • Flowers


  • Alcohol




While it is true that travel costs may offset some of your destination wedding savings, you can still have a wedding with all the bells and whistles for less than the cost of a traditional wedding. On average, a destination wedding with 100 guests is $17,000, whereas a traditional wedding with the same amount of people can run you upwards of $25,000. However, 50 is the average number of guests who actually attend a destination wedding, so the actual cost for a wedding with a smaller guest list can be even lower.



Built-in Guest Entertainment


All-inclusive resorts are also excellent at playing host for your guests. From organized sporting events, dance contests, off-shore excursions and Broadway shows, all-inclusive resorts have so much to offer at all hours of the day.


The people most likely to attend a destination wedding are closest family and friends, so an all-inclusive resort is a wonderful way to get a group vacation in, and it will also keep guests occupied while you and yours tend to the final wedding details.




Wedding and Honeymoon in One


The amenities and entertainment aren’t the only things included in an all-inclusive resort. It can also double as a honeymoon spot. Choosing one destination for your celebration and your first days as husband and wife can cut travel costs significantly. Some resorts will also give you a special deal if you stay at their resort for enough days in a row.


Honeymoons are pricey enough, but having to pay for every single meal and drink can be a budget drain. Since it is difficult to estimate how much food and drink costs will be, an all-inclusive allows you to eat and drink to your heart’s content. If you are still in the process of making your choice about a wedding location, sit down with your significant other and make a list of all the things you want your wedding to be. If ‘relaxed’, ‘affordable’, or ‘easy going’ is anywhere on that list, look to a destination wedding as a contender.