Destination Wedding Activities

Destination Wedding Activities

Use these tips to organize fun outings for your wedding guests at your destination wedding location.


When you have a destination wedding, your guests are flying to you and probably not entirely sure of who else is there as a guest. Help people get to know each other, and your unique locale by organizing fun outings and activities. Remember, you don’t have to pay for each person (just make mention of fees when you advertise the activity on your wedding website so that they can be prepared), just put a little something together so that everyone can have a good time.


If you are at a beach:


Set up a few badminton nets and break out the sunscreen for a little fun in the sand.  Make sure to bring bottled water if you are in a more remote area so that people don’t get dehydrated.  This very casual activity perfectly suits groups that might have already been introduced to each other. If you are at a resort with an outdoor game area, just meet there.


Depending upon what your beach is famous for, check into snorkeling or glass-bottomed boat tours.  Again, mention the fee and whether or not they need to bring any additional supplies. This fun activity allows for people do enjoy the beauty of your tropical event while also getting to know your other friends.


If you are forgoing the usual rehearsal dinner, how about a bonfire on the beach instead?  Set up towels or blankets and enjoy the stars above with bottles of ice cold beer (but not too many, you’re getting married tomorrow!).





If you are in the mountains:


In the winter, arrange for a quick trip down the nearest slopes. Let your guests know the nearest places they can rent ski equipment and get the best deal on lift tickets.


In spring-autumn, lead your friends and family on a hike that showcases your destination’s natural beauty. Make sure to mention this in your itinerary or on your wedding website so that guests can pack appropriate footwear.


Rent a local campsite or space at a state park and enjoy some hot dogs and s’mores.  If there are children invited and still some daylight yet, have one of your kiddo-loving bridesmaids or groomsmen plan a scavenger hunt to keep them entertained.






If you are in a city:


Every city is famous for something.  Plan a trip to your destination’s favorite landmark or museum. In Portland?  Head to OMSI or a food truck pod. In NYC?  You can’t invite people to the Big Apple without showing them Times Square or the Empire State Building.


Meet up for a picnic at the most picturesque city park closest to your guests’ hotels. People can stop for to go food at a deli–you just need to provide the blankets.


Does your city have a great music scene?  Suggest people purchase tickets for a concert or famed open mic night. Need to provide your own music? Head to a karaoke bar.