Destination Wedding and Travel Concerns

Destination Wedding and Travel Concerns

If your family isn’t too thrilled about the idea or cost of a destination wedding, you’ll want to read these tips.


You and your fiance have decided you want to have a destination wedding.  But when you start to discuss your idea with close family and friends, you find that they don’t share your excitement.  Destination weddings are a much larger request on your loved ones than a typical hometown affair.  If you want your nearest and dearest to be in attendance, you might need to try one of these ideas:



Domestic destinations.  Whether you have the sunny shores of Bali or the snowy Swiss Alps in mind, there might be a domestic destination that fulfills your vision, while also making travel a more reasonable time and cost to your relatives.  Denver, Portland, and Montana have picture-perfect rustic, mountainous sites for weddings. And of course, Key West and San Diego have warm weather and sunny shores to spare!



Lengthen your engagement.  If you really want everyone at your destination wedding, you might have to give them some extra time to acquire the necessary amount of vacation days, as well as boost their savings account to cover their travel expenses. Many family members will be totally excited at the idea of jetting off to Aruba, but they just might need a little more notice than the average wedding invitation.



Double up on your ceremonies.  Grandma just can’t travel anymore. But she really wants to see your wedding. Why not have a simple ceremony back home, followed by a small reception?  This way, everyone can feel included in your celebration. Show a slideshow of your destination wedding and honeymoon photos.



Can you use Skype?  Depending on how remote your destination wedding location is, you might be able to use technology to connect to guests around the world.  They might not be able to feel the sand beneath their toes, but your faraway relatives will love having the opportunity to share in this amazing moment with the two of you.  If you aren’t able to show it ‘live’ have someone record the ceremony (even if it is just on your cell phone) and upload it once you get back to your hotel.  Back home, your relatives could even host a ‘viewing party’ for those unable to make the trip.



Explain your decision.  A destination wedding is different than a color palette or a theme.  It is a conscious decision that you want to have your wedding someplace else, even at the cost of not having some of your most important people be able to attend. This can be a hard thing to understand for some relatives.  You don’t owe your aunt an explanation for why you chose a navy color palette, but you might want to explain to her why you are choosing somewhere that her and her husband can’t afford to attend.  Tell her about why you have chosen your destination. What’s meaningful to you about going away?  What will a destination wedding mean to the start of your new life together?



Keep in mind, most of the time people are happy to travel, so long as they have the means to.  Know that choosing this route means that not everyone can be there, but that’s perfectly okay.