Destination Wedding: Carmel, CA

Destination Wedding: Carmel, CA

Plan a destination wedding that soars high above your expectations with the amazing sights and sounds of this California city.


California is stacked to the sky with amazing destination wedding locales, but Carmel is one of those special places that can make any wedding day a vision straight out of storybook. Far from the Hollywood clichés, a Carmel wedding truly can accommodate any type of wedding without the traffic, the astronomical prices, or the paparazzi (if you worry about that kind of thing).


No matter what type of Carmel wedding you desire, you can get personal attention, amazingly unique details, and a destination wedding that soars high above your expectations.


Popular Wedding Locales in Carmel


Carmel’s Mission San Carlos de BorromeoBuilt in 1771, this historical parish is still an active church and has had centuries of weddings take place under its eaves. With such spiritual sacrament saturating every space, couples who are seeking a Roman Catholic wedding won’t need to look any further. The gorgeous rustic glow of its stucco exterior and historical interior can make any traditional ceremony beautifully authentic. While they don’t hold receptions here, the La Playa Hotel is nearby and is a perfect option (see below).


La Playa Hotel: Built in 1905, this mission-inspired mansion immediately reflects the romance that inspired the place to be built over a century ago. A gift from a local artist to his wife, the architecture here is stated perfectly for hosting a wedding reception – evidenced by the terraced gardens and stunning ocean views.


With adorable cobblestone pathways, thatched roof shops, and impeccable service, not only is the atmosphere internationally acclaimed, but there are 75 guest rooms on-site to host your destination wedding guests easily.


Hyatt Carmel Highlands: A one stop shop, couples can tie the knot and enjoy all that Carmel has to offer from the staging point of this luxurious Hyatt hotel. Overlooking the Big Sur Coast and the epic panorama of the Pacific Ocean, a wedding day here includes its gorgeous natural landscape with a modern tree-house gazebo overlooking the ocean (don’t worry, no lattice here).


Offering discounts on rooms and parking for event guests, this is one way to plan a Carmel wedding with all of the fixings a of an L.A. affair, minus the pretentiousness.


Marriage Requirements


To get a marriage license in Carmel, you must first apply in-person at the Monterey County Clerk offices in Salinas, CA. Both parties must be present. While there is no blood test required, you must be over 18 and have proof of identity.


Required ID Documents:

– Bring a valid state driver’s license, state identification, or passport
– Divorce decree if applicable
– Death certificate if applicable



The marriage license currently costs $75, but is subject to change


Best Time to Get Married in Carmel


If you want an outdoor wedding on the beach, September through October are the best months. With mild temperatures in the low 70’s, it can make for a pleasant outdoor affair. However, while year-round weather is mild, you can expect sporadic weather patterns in spring which includes stellar sunny days, rain storms, and rainbows (sometimes all within the same day). Word to the wise? Fall is incredibly popular in Carmel, so book early if you can.