Destination Wedding: Cayman Islands

Destination Wedding: Cayman Islands

Here are a few options to help you narrow down your choices for hotel and reception venues for a Cayman Islands destination wedding.

From Grand Cayman’s bustling nightlife back-dropped by Seven Mile Beach to Cayman Brac’s extensive eco-tours and one-of-a-kind scuba diving, couples can decide if a quiet ceremony on the empty beaches of Little Cayman is more their speed or if they want to island-hop to give their destination wedding guests the full spectrum of the Cayman Islands.


But no matter what islands you visit during your destination wedding week, you can only choose one for the big day! Here are a few options to help you narrow down your choices for hotel and reception venues among this trio of beautiful cays.



Best Destination Wedding Venues in the Cayman Islands


The Alexander Hotel, Cayman Brac – A boutique hotel located 89 miles east of Grand Cayman on Cayman Brac, The Alexander is one of the top three best resorts you can book. Spacious, sea-inspired rooms are perfect for couples who plan to hang at the resort but are also looking to create an intimate affair. Less than two miles from Divers Reef and Bat Cave, you and your guests can stumble from your resort to some amazing outdoor excursions. Elegant and low-key, this is a classy choice for laid back brides.


Southern Cross Club, Little Cayman – The oldest original resort on Little Cayman, this quiet and secluded stretch of beach is perfect for couples who don’t want to be bothered. The resort is comprised of 12 spacious, ocean-view beachfront bungalows, easily reserved for destination wedding parties. Getting married right in front of the resort won’t pose any crowding problems on this island, and this biggest issue you may have is keeping your eyes on the bride and groom with the gorgeous ocean view within reach.



What to Expect from a Cayman Islands Destination Wedding


You may be surprised to discover that even though these islands are small, they still have a multitude of reliable wedding vendors and event planners to help you. No need to try and stitch together an entire wedding ala carte; there are wonderful people on-site to help you. Additionally, the Cayman Islands are the safest in all of the Caribbean, so if you are traveling with smaller children or with the elderly, this one fact that can make planning feel less scary.


However, there is one tiny downside for party animals. The noise ordinance in the Cayman Islands requires that no live/outdoor music be played on Sundays, so if you have chosen a Saturday wedding, be prepared to power down the playlist by midnight.