Destination Wedding: Iceland

Destination Wedding: Iceland


Roaring waterfalls, smoky hot springs, glass-top lakes, and greenish-gray mountains capped with ice, if you want some of the most beautiful scenery in the world for your destination wedding, Iceland is one of those far-off places that drips with fairy tale folklore.


Whether you want to wed between some of the world’s most famous hot springs or want a luxurious affair at one of Iceland’s most scenic hotels, it is almost indescribable the kind of settings that are available.


Sweeping vistas beneath a neon-tinged Aurora Borealis or black sand beaches hours away from snow peaked glaciers mean that a destination wedding here will not only one of the most unique places to bring your family and friends, but it will be a magical adventure from beginning to end.



Popular Wedding Locations in Iceland


Hotel Budir: Just a short drive from Reykjavik, this Snaefellsnes peninsula hotel in western Iceland has awe-inspiring views of the Snaefellsjokull glacier and the Budir river reservoir which spills into Faxafloi-Bay. With its own quaint wooden church overlooking the gorgeous scape, this venue is equipped to handle religious ceremonies in one of the most visually spiritual places you’ve probably ever been.


With delectable eats and often dubbed the ‘Mecca of Icelandic cooking’, Hotel Budir has 28 rooms on the grounds plenty big enough to hold an intimate group of family and friends. For a five-star resort on the edge of the earth, this location gives an entirely new meaning to a country-side wedding.


Thingvellir National Park: If you are a planning a civil ceremony, why not say your vows at the foot of the cascading Oxara waterfall or between the great geothermal rift overlooking the edge of a pristine lake? The landscape in Thingvellir is plucked from a sci-fi novel, but once on the grounds, you may feel as if you have been transported to a much prettier planet, one custom made for weddings.


With a beautiful wooden church as one of the most popular places to get married, this is one outdoor venue that will have guests itching to sneak their hiking boots into their purse. Our advice? Let them.


Seljalandsfoss & Skogafoss: These plummeting waterfalls are worth the two-hour drive from Reykjavik. A green lagoon surrounded by black stone cliffs, summer weddings here are encouraged and beyond spectacular.


With the ability to walk behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall for some absurdly gorgeous photographs or to stand near the front of the 200 foot drop of Skogafoss, couples will be mesmerized by the magical components these waterfalls bring to their wedding day. Located nearly 19 miles from Skogar, these waterfalls are great photo opportunities, but if you want something traditional too, opt to get married in the Skogar church beforehand.



Marriage Requirements in Iceland


First, you must obtain a marriage license application from the District Magistrate of Reykjavik. Once you have this, be sure that it is mailed back and scheduled to arrive two weeks before your wedding date. If you are already in Iceland, you can apply in-person up to two days before your wedding date. The application will need to be signed by two witnesses (who do not have to be present) confirming your eligibility for marriage.



Required Documents


– Valid passports

– Birth certificates

– Medical certificate stating you have no communicable diseases

– U.S. issued certificate of marital status (eligibility)

– Divorce decree or death certificate, if applicable