Destination Wedding Invitation Timeline

Destination Wedding Invitation Timeline

Follow these guidelines to make the process of attending your destination wedding easier for your guests.



There’s a standard rule from wedding experts to send out wedding invitations no less than four weeks for convenience and no more than six weeks to prevent long RSVP delays. Of course in the world of destination weddings, regular time frames are a bit different. Destination wedding brides have to take into account their potential wedding guests’ vacation schedules, ability to travel, and other commitments. Not to mention the time and effort of orchestrating group bookings that you should factor in.



The rule of destination weddings is the more advance notice a couple can give their guest, the greater the ability for the invitees to plan for travel. At Sandals, we recommend approximately nine months, give or take a month or two, based on the number of guests being invited and the approximate number of guests a couple thinks will respond favorably.




If that timeline makes you a bit uneasy, try sending out a “Save-the-Week” at nine months and then your official wedding invitations three months after that. The best thing you can do for your potential wedding guests is to nail down your wedding date. Once you are sure of your date, make up a “Save-The-Week” to give out to your guests. Get creative with your “Save-The-Week”; they can incorporate elements of the destination in the design of it to get your guests excited!


Anything that makes the process of attending your wedding smoother will definitely help not only your guests, but you as well. Go ahead and take some of the pressure off of yourself by sending out your wedding invitations earlier rather than later. Your wedding checklist will thank you for it!