Destination Wedding: New Orleans, LA

Destination Wedding: New Orleans, LA


Perfect for the young at heart, a New Orleans destination wedding is ideal for anyone who has an affinity for down-home Creole cooking, heart-wrenching blues, and sprawling oak-lined plantations. With a personality all its own, couples who consider themselves fans of vintage kitsch will be in the land of plenty when it comes to planning a destination wedding in the birthplace of Zapp’s famous chips and Cactus Candy.


Comprised of equal parts par-tay and mystical getaway, off-center (and totally hip) types will find themselves at home in vintage lace, bow ties, and seersucker suits sipping sazeracs. And with oodles of interesting venues, wedding jazz bands, and guest list entertainment, a New Orleans affair will be packed with personality no matter where you choose to host the big day.



Unique Destination Wedding Venues in New Orleans


Best Historic Destination Wedding Venue in New Orleans – Madame John’s Legacy


Located in the historic French Quarter, Madame John’s Legacy building is one of the finest 18th century building complexes in the entire state of Louisiana. One of the few period homes that escaped the great fire of 1795, the building itself casts a gorgeous light of historical significance.


Architecturally, it is considered a Creole cottage but it isn’t cramped; it can seat up to 100 for dinner and allow for 200 during a cocktail reception. Perfect for traditionalists who want a venue that can stand up to the uniqueness of New Orleans, this spot is best booked during spring when the L-shaped courtyard and home can be thoroughly showcased.



Best Intimate Destination Wedding Venue in New Orleans – Race & Religious


One of the harder things to do in NOLA is finding a venue that can cater to smaller parties. Because New Orleans is such a popular wedding destination, many couples fight the battle of minimum guest list requirements in order to book the more popular and larger reception sites. Race and Religious, however, is happy to book smaller weddings to the tune of 60 guests or more. A duplex of sorts, this fascinating venue is actually two Creole houses connected via a brick-laid courtyard. Giving the couple plenty of ambiance – its brick walls, enchanting decor, and eclectic European vibe is a rustic wedding’s dream space.




Marriage Requirements for a New Orleans Destination Wedding


Getting married in New Orleans is fairly easy. As long as you are over 18 and have valid identification, out-of-towners can wed here without much issue. Keep in mind, there is a three-day waiting period from the time you receive your license to the date you can marry. However, there is the option to apply for a 72-hour waiver administered through your officiant. If that is the case, then the officiant can attach the waiver to the marriage license before it is filed at the Clerk of Court’s office.



Required Documents


– Valid Picture IDs


– Certified copies of your birth certificates


– Social security cards for both people


– If divorced or widowed, applicable divorce decrees and/or death certificate





The marriage license fee ranges from parish to parish (so check with yours), but for the New Orleans parish it costs $27.50 via cash or check.