Destination Wedding Photos to Inspire Your Wanderlust

Destination Wedding Photos to Inspire Your Wanderlust

Pack your bags and hop on a plane (or in the car) to get destination wedding photos like these.


Anchorage wedding photo

Anchorage, Alaska


Some destination wedding photos don’t even do the destination justice, and this is one of those places. Get lost in the mountains, or take it easy on an Alaskan cruise. And forget what you’ve heard about it always being cold. Plan your wedding during Alaska’s warmer months, May-September.


Maui ocean view

Maui, Hawaii


Say aloha to your new favorite place. Seriously. Between the beautiful volcanoes, miles of white (and black) sandy beaches and great hospitality, you and your guests won’t want to go home.


Cabo San Lucas wedding

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Cabo has consistently been rated as one of Mexico’s top five tourist destinations. Making it the perfect place to say to exchange vows. But just in case you need more convincing, just look at this photo.


Amalfi Coast at night

Amalfi Coast, Italy


Are you all about getting perfect destination wedding photos? Look no further. Rome, Verona and Milan get a lot of love, but the Amalfi Coast is the perfect romantic wedding destination for an adventurous couple.


Colorado outdoor wedding

Anywhere in Colorado


Great destination wedding photos don’t just come from international locales. If you don’t have the budget for nuptials abroad, consider Colorado. There’s something for everyone; the city (Denver), the mountains (Estes Park) and lake views (Breckenridge).


Puerto Rico wedding

Puerto Rico


Enjoy beautiful beaches, rich culture and delicious food all without a passport. Since it’s a United States territory, U.S. citizens can visit Puerto Rico the same way as any other domestic destination.

Malibu wedding ceremony

Malibu, California


Only SoCal can bring you sweeping ocean views and mountains at the same time with the best weather year-round. Plus, you’re a short drive from city views, too. Do we really need to say more?


St. Lucia ceremony

St. Lucia


St. Lucia may be a tiny island in the eastern Caribbean, but it’s full of people with big personalities! If you’re looking for a low-pressure destination, where you and your guests can relax on the beach, this is the place for you.


Jamaica wedding shoot

Negril, Jamaica


Jamaica didn’t only produce the world’s fastest man, they’re also known for their killer music and tasty rum-filled drinks. So after your wedding you can sit back and drink up.


Barcelona wedding ceremony

Barcelona, Spain


If the perfectly cool temperatures don’t sell you (Barcelona is generally 50 degrees in the winter and 80 in the summer) then the stunning architecture, warm welcomes from locals, and scrumptious food definitely will!