Destination Wedding Planning in Las Vegas

Destination Wedding Planning in Las Vegas

Start planning a one-of-a-kind destination wedding in Las Vegas with these ideas.


From desert vistas to glitzy hotels, Las Vegas is one-of-a-kind. The glamour of the city skyline and vast entertainment factor of its shows and casinos make it a gathering place for people of every age and interest. Add the city’s innate appeal to the variety of options available for both keeping your guests happily busy and planning the wedding you’ve been thinking about since you first saw that diamond ring and we think you’ll end up with a recipe for one dreamy destination wedding.


The Las Vegas Wedding Package

Brides who can manage the superhuman task of singlehandedly planning a destination wedding long-distance will always go down in our book as heroes. However, we also happen to think that every bride who can make her way through the planning process and down the aisle without throwing at least one book at a wall is every bit as heroic.  And just in case the thought of selecting venues and photographers and desserts from three states away is giving you planning anxiety, we have an alternative suggestion: wedding packages. This city is replete with wedding packages, some of which can be found at the fanciest of Vegas wedding venues and hotels like Mandalay Bay. The chapel at the Bellagio, for example, is pretty enough to rival even the most elaborate Catholic chapels in the nation – and the packages at the hotel make planning simple.


The Civil Ceremony and How to Have All the Fun

Yes, all the fun. Just in case you’d rather spend that wedding budget and a few days of your life (which might otherwise find themselves devoted to color palettes and bridesmaid dresses) on your family, friends, and all the best parts of Las Vegas, don’t forget that alternative Las Vegas wedding option known as the civil ceremony. One of the simplest places in the nation to actually get married – the state’s simple marriage license laws make the legal process of making your vows a breeze – a civil ceremony may be the perfect way to say “I do” to the love of your life and then get to spend a lot of time celebrating the occasion in a city that knows a thing or two about good parties.