Destination Wedding Travel Tips

Destination Wedding Travel Tips


Whether your wedding destination is a sun-swept beach or cozy snow chalet, some wedding travel advice is universal. Small simple details, often overlooked, may impact your wedding. Travel advice, such as choosing a destination and wedding date based on the destination’s climate, can be the difference between being caught in a hurricane or snow blizzard and enjoying a memorable wedding.



Initial Planning Wedding Travel Advice


Consider a wedding destination that is language-friendly. A destination with a multi-lingual staff allows your guests to communicate their needs and can also recommend outside activities for guests that are not multi-lingual.



Before Departure Wedding Travel Advice


A quick phone call to the airline can arrange for the transport of your wedding gown. Let the representative know you want to hand carry your bridal gown on board the plane. Ask about special rules for storing your gown hanging inside a plane closet rather crushed overhead.



Arrival Wedding Travel Advice


When traveling to a foreign locale, review the legal requirements for a passport or visa and communicate these to your guests. Adding a suggestion to change some bills into the local currency prior to arrival will ensure you and your guests have the appropriate change for drinks, snacks, or tips.



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