How to Pick the Location for Your European Destination Wedding

How to Pick the Location for Your European Destination Wedding


A European wedding offers you the ceremony of your dreams in an historic and exotic destination. Select the country for your European wedding based on several criteria, such as time of year or activities, while using social media to communicate to guests.




European Countries to Choose for a Wedding


As most European countries contain castles, historic sites, and picturesque outdoor venues, selection of a destination for your European wedding hinges primarily on the country you want to visit. This may be based on familial ties, such as to Ireland or Scotland, or an exotic location, such as Turkey or Greece. Or, pick a destination based on activities you and your guests enjoy such as skiing, swimming, or antiquing.



Wedding Planning Considerations & Time of Year


Before choosing a date for your wedding, review the holidays, parades, or festivals scheduled in the country during that time period. This may affect the booking of flights and availability of accommodations for large groups. Look at the weather forecasts during your chosen time of year as you don’t want to schedule an outdoor wedding during the rainy season or in 100 degree heat.



Social Media for Correspondence


Social media keeps guests informed electronically of all wedding information. By using a wedding website, you can input travel arrangements, accommodation information, and an itinerary of group activities. This keeps guests current on the progression of scheduled events plus communicates updates to all with minimal effort.