How to Plan a Destination Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

How to Plan a Destination Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Planning the rehearsal dinner for a destination wedding may easier than you thought!


If you have chosen to get married in a beautiful location, the good news is that a destination wedding rehearsal dinner may be the easiest thing you have yet to plan, whereas traditional rehearsal dinners can be quite a headache. Whom do you invite? All family? Immediate family? Out-of-towners? Their pets? A destination rehearsal dinner guest list is simple: everyone who is there gets invited.


There will be, of course, the exception to this rule. For instance, if you have an abnormally large destination wedding, it is perfectly kosher to limit it to family and the wedding party. However, as a general rule, everyone who has spent hard-earned money getting to your gorgeous locale deserves a dinner invitation. Planning one takes a little imagination and a great resort wedding planner. If you have both of these, you can create a beach-side or mountain top rehearsal dinner to remember.


First Things First: Itineraries to Be Made and Delivered


The most important part about planning a destination wedding rehearsal dinner is to make sure you are organized. You want guests to know what is going on the moment they check in. With guests flying in from a bunch of different places, an itinerary can give weary travelers peace of mind and a clear idea of how your wedding week or weekend will flow. The itinerary in their welcome kit should have all of the information they will need. This will include rehearsal dinner specifics.


Unique Ways to Invite Guests to a Destination Rehearsal Dinner


If you are having your rehearsal dinner on the beach, it may be fun to have your goodie bag double as a beach lantern. This way, after your guests have emptied out their lantern, you can instruct them to meet you on the beach with lit lantern in hand for the pre-wedding clam bake. This not only creates an amazingly beautiful line of lights as your guests arrive, but it is a romantic and ingenious way to create a sense of unity and ambiance for your dinner.


Rehearsal Dinner 101: Make a Reservation


Unlike traditional rehearsal dinners that require you pick out a menu, reserve a ballroom, or even bring in caterers to assist in service, a destination wedding rehearsal dinner is as easy as making a call to create the reservation with the correct head count with the hotel concierge. Communicate with your wedding planner the type of rehearsal dinner you envision. They can easily match your vision with one of their onsite restaurants.


If you want to have a rehearsal dinner that isn’t in one of the resort restaurants, make that known. If you want to be down by the surf with a ukulele player or enjoying aperitifs and appetizers by the pool, ask them if they offer packages for private parties onsite. Most resorts will accommodate you, especially if your party is large. However, hosting a rehearsal dinner outside of the convenience of their kitchens may cost a little more.