Planning Your Vanuatu Honeymoon or Destination Wedding

Planning Your Vanuatu Honeymoon or Destination Wedding

Planning a Vanuatu honeymoon or destination wedding promises nothing but tropical luxury for your celebration. Located just east of Australia, this Pacific Island nation is paradise for scuba divers, vacationers and newlyweds alike. If you’re considering this spot for your nuptials, here’s what you need to know.


For your nuptials, consider travel expenses and pricing of guest accommodations. No matter the location of your destination wedding, it’s always important to factor in the costs of attendance. Send your save the dates further in advance so your wedding guests have a considerable amount of time to book their flights. With plenty of hotels and lodging options, select a more reasonably affordable place for your guests to stay.


Select a location that fits your honeymoon or wedding style. Vanuatu has approximately 80 islands, but typically couples choose to marry on one of three – Espíritu Santo, Tanna and Éfaté. If you’re seeking more remote settings, Espíritu Santo and Tanna offer plenty of diving hot spots, volcanoes and jungle landscapes but also fewer all-inclusive services compared to Éfaté. Keep in mind with these two, you’ll likely need to factor in extra expenses to fly in your vendors. Home to the capital, Port Vila, the island of Éfaté includes the most luxury resorts, dining and entertainment options to help you plan.


For more comfortable weather, schedule your wedding date or honeymoon between April and October. With its gorgeous climate, there’s really no wrong time to visit in Vanuatu. But like any tropical destination, you can expect a wet season. While the temperatures stay mild year-round, wet season occurs from November to March in Vanuatu. The rain showers are generally short and can add to the humid and warm conditions during this time.


Choose your wedding attire wisely. Packing a heavy taffeta dress isn’t exactly ideal for a destination wedding, especially in a location full of humidity and sunny beaches. And sweating in a tuxedo probably isn’t the most comfortable option for him, either. When shopping for attire for you and your wedding party, consider more breathable fabrics that are easy to pack away.


Understand the legal marriage requirements. From selecting your wedding venue and decorations, wedding planning is an exciting and creative process. But like any international destination, it’s important to research marriage licenses before you jump right into the fun details of your big day. In Vanuatu, you must apply at least 28 days prior to your wedding date, arrive in the country at least three days in advance together, bring your passports and include at least one witness per person. For additional questions and application information, reach out to a wedding planner within the country.