How to Save Money on Your Destination Wedding

How to Save Money on Your Destination Wedding


Managing destination wedding costs is similar to planning a local wedding in town; it all depends on your budget. Once set, use your budget to actively minimize destination wedding costs by creative accounting.




Choosing a Wedding Destination


This can be done by selecting a destination with a favorable local exchange rate compared to your currency. Unless your heart is set on a wedding in a specific destination, several countries can provide a beach, snow, or exotic wedding locale.



Reduce Travel and Accommodations Costs


Another option is requesting a group discount on airfare and hotel accommodations if your wedding party totals 10 or more. As the number increases, set aside a block of seats in the airplane and rooms at the destination to keep your party together. Some additional free perks to request for larger groups include an upgrade to first class for the bridal couple or several suites for the bridal party.



Negotiate Wedding Package Costs


Lastly, negotiate your destination wedding package. Rather than accept a package deal, choose the elements of the package you want, eliminate those you don’t, and negotiate a price per item. Consider substitution of items to reduce wedding costs by choosing flowers in season at the destination, local food items for your menu, and serving the country’s primary alcoholic beverage.



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