Kruger National Park Destination Weddings

Kruger National Park Destination Weddings

With dramatic backdrops, a destination wedding in Kruger National Park is the adventure of a lifetime.


There are few settings more vast and dramatic for your destination wedding than Kruger National Park in South Africa. The largest and most popular game reserve in the country, this park is filled with hundreds of different plant and animal species. Whether you want a quiet ceremony under a tree with giraffes nibbling contentedly in the background or an utterly glam wedding at a lavish resort, this park seems ideal for a destination wedding!


Most couples looking to get married here choose to arrange their wedding either through a local resort or wedding planner.  It isn’t really a DIY-from-afar sort of location. You’re going to want experienced vendors that can easily arrange your vision, and you’ll find that in the wide variety of hotel and accommodation venues here.  With everything from basic hotels to glamping paradises to luxury villas fit for a celebrity couple, Kruger National Park can match your budget.


Peruse these wedding venues to find the right match for your vision and price point. But no matter which venue you choose, a large part of your destination wedding should revolve around the amazing wildlife to be seen in this area.  Take a guided jeep or elephant-back safari. Hike through rugged terrain. Visit the education centers in the area to learn all about what this park is doing to preserve endangered species.  Take a hot air balloon ride as the sun sets to get a peachy-pink bird’s eye view.  You’ll barely want to spend any time indoors because of all of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you don’t want to miss.

For those of you who are also interested in local history and archaeology, there are several sites at Kruger National Park worth visiting, including a restored African village (Masorini) and the ruins of a 19th century Portuguese trading post.


As for your actual accommodations, you can choose from just about any type or combinations. We love the idea of glamping in a canvas tent surrounded by lanterns, or splurging for a private villa at an exclusive, intimate resort.  If you love both, stay a couple of nights at each!  Many wedding packages in area include some type of accommodation, and then you can move to a different location for your honeymoon.