Mountain Destination Wedding Themes

Mountain Destination Wedding Themes

Create a mountain destination wedding of your dreams with these outdoor ideas.



Mountain destination weddings range from glamorous to adventurous. Plan a unique mountain wedding by combining the type of wedding you want to the location and the type of activities available. Allow your imagination to soar as you create the mountain wedding you have always dreamed of.



An Adventurous Wedding to Remember


If you and your spouse are the adventurous types, consider a more exciting and active mountain wedding. Bring on the rush of adrenaline as the two of you plan a ceremony to reflect your spirit. Several options to consider include climbing the rocks to take your vows on the top of the mountain, racing along the mountain trails on your bike, saying ‘I do’ along the lake shore, or skiing down the slope to the ceremony.


If none of these ideas will do, consider a water wedding with the two of you sharing a kayak as you float along before reciting your nuptials on the water with the guests either cheering onshore or drifting along in their own kayaks. Mountain activities for guests include rock climbing, swimming, hiking, camping, river-rafting, motor-cross, or biking.



Glitzy Mountain Nuptials


Perhaps you want an elegant wedding while your intended wants the mountains. A compromise is possible with the choice of a Lake Tahoe wedding. Nestled next to Reno, this wedding destination offers all the style you can want with all the fineries you enjoy. You can have a spectacular over-the-top wedding with multiple bridesmaids, an elegant ballroom, and a five star reception menu.


A winter wedding gives you a luxury resort feel as your sweetie sneaks in a couple of ski runs between planning, while a summer wedding can offer a less formal affair. Activities for guests include casino hopping, all-night revelry, and boutique shopping. Outdoor activities include skiing, sailing, or boating depending on the season.



The Romantic Wedding


A romantic wedding can be set in the mountains by using the natural landscape. Mountain settings offer endless options for a romantic ceremony from the lush foliage to the wintry snow. The soft glow of the setting sun can illuminate your silhouettes as the mist from the roaring waterfalls brings a luminous feel to the ceremony as you recite your nuptials.


Snow-packed mountains and a horse-drawn sleigh can create a winter wonderland for your romantic day. Set the wedding at a chalet with a crackling fireplace to keep you warm as you exchange your vows. Guest activities include riding a snowmobile, horse-drawn carriage or sleigh, sledding, downhill skiing, or snowboarding.