Movie Night: Favorite Destination Wedding Movies!

Movie Night: Favorite Destination Wedding Movies!


While some favorite wedding movies of all time may include Father of the Bride or Sixteen Candles, these Hollywood love-story staples don’t have a lot of destination wedding inspiration. For the couple that is planning to tie the knot in an exotic location, you may want to take a break from the stress of planning and pop some popcorn for a movie night instead. For anyone not planning to get married in your parents’ backyard or in the church you grew up attending, here are some amazing wedding movies to inspire you to reach for the stars.



English Elegance: The Princess Bride


The Princess Bride is a cult classic that has been enticing men and women for decades to fall in love. From the first scene to the final fight, this Rob Reiner masterpiece has been adored by children and adults alike as an epic picture of undying love. Pop in this film for oodles of inspiration if you have ever entertained the idea of hosting a proper English wedding.


Filmed in various parts of England and Ireland from Derbyshire to Burnham Beeches (the Cliffs of Insanity are actually the Cliffs of Moher), the Moorish beauty of a melancholy purple-gray English day is ideal for a wedding in a castle or a small affair by the sea. The stunning backdrop of vibrant green hills, rocky beaches, and sporadic sea-foam is by far one of the most beautiful places to escape for your destination wedding.


Draw upon The Princess Bride’s wardrobe for added drama. Look for luxurious silk-embroidered fabric, headdresses, and even over-the-top Indigo Montoya inspired garb for the men-folk. A theme that is more fantasy than reality, an English wedding inspired by The Princess Bride is the secret to fulfilling any little girl’s dream.



Hawaiian Dreams: Elvis and Kate Hudson Approve


From the 1961 Elvis Presley classic Blue Hawaii to the 2006 romantic comedy You, Me and Dupree starring Kate Hudson, the tropical islands of Hawaii are one of Hollywood’s most favorite places to stage a ceremony. The natural beauty of a tropical beach met with the convenience American travel, Hawaii is a popular destination that never ceases to amaze. Surrounded by lush gardens and plenty of sunshine (for those who feel lucky enough already to hope for a rain-less wedding day), Hawaii is ideal for a beach-side wedding,


Amazing tropical flowers, beautiful scenery, and a laid-back attitude that can calm the most jittery of brides, you can create your own Hollywood scene by choosing a Hawaiian location that is worthy of the big screen. The beaches of Hale Moli’i were the backdrop for You, Me and Dupree’s effortless ceremony and was also the location for several scenes from Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s 50 First Dates.



A Greek Goddess Gets Hitched: Mamma Mia


Simply watching the trailer for the 2008 film version of Mamma Mia is all you need to be inspired to take your wedding to the Greek isles. If your husband-to-be makes you want to break out in song while drinking in the sight of Kastani Bay on Skopelos (the location of the Does Your Mother Know performance) or tap-your-toes to the tune of love on Damouchari (the beginning scenes were filmed here), then look no further than Santorini or the Aegean Sea for a destination wedding inspiration.


The breathtaking scenes shot alongside jeweled waters and cliff-side villages have enough charm to inspire a hundred weddings, let alone your own dream destination. Soak your ceremony in the utmost of celebration and entice family and friends from every corner of the world to join you for baklava and ouzo.