Plan Your Hawaiian Destination Wedding with Maile Weddings!

Plan Your Hawaiian Destination Wedding with Maile Weddings!


We know it may be hard and even frustrating to locate resources to create an exceptional Hawaiian destination wedding.  But, relax. Take a look at these five steps, and put them into action in your own wedding planning, and make your dreams a reality.


Select your team


Evaluate your Hawaiian vendors carefully:


– Comb through their portfolio, on their website and Pinterest.  Do they demonstrate versatility? Is there inventiveness and creativity in their work?


– Are they as capable as designers as they are in planning and coordination, or must you hire another party to provide design service?


–  Do they offer a complimentary consultation? If so, you can get a solid feel if you can work together and speak the same event language.


–  Are they knowledgeable and have connections in the Hawaii wedding industry with venues and vendors who can make things happen for you in a quality and timely manner?



Choose your island.


The island should synchronize with your interests and priorities:


Oahu is more tourist attraction oriented, with a greater selection of dining and late night options. Maui has a broad range of activities, and offers exemplary catering and decor resources. The Big Island and Kauai are best suited for the under 40 crowd or those particularly interested in outdoor fun. Also, golf is at its best on these two islands, as well as a multitude of exciting excursions such as zip lining, horseback riding, snorkeling, and surfing.




Look closely at the age group and interests of the majority of your guests when determining the best island for your event. Always remember, they are ALL islands, and things we take for granted on the mainland are often not as easily accessed. As your advisors, your planning team will ensure you see around these corners during the planning process.




Take care of your guests.


Ensure you have a team networked with travel agent resources. A common concern of most destination wedding couples is getting their guests to and from different locations. You shouldn’t have to worry about these details. Seek a team who can take this responsibility off your shoulders.



Contact the event venue.


Make certain you have considered all your options – private clubs, hotels, private estates, restaurant venues. The key is to look at the elements required by the venue – additional damage deposits, shuttles, event liability insurance, and preferred vendor lists you must adhere to. You’ll want professionals who know the managers at these locations.


Set your priorities and then review your budget clearly before selecting. There is nothing worse than securing the venue of your dreams and finding out later you cannot create the wedding you envision due to the limitations imposed by your site!



Celebrate your joy in paradise!


Hawaii is truly a blessed place from which to begin your life together. Never lose track of what it is all about – joyfully celebrating your new journey in life. By selecting a planning team that understands your creative vision it will ease the stress of planning your destination wedding long distance.