Pros and Cons of a Holiday Destination Wedding

Pros and Cons of a Holiday Destination Wedding


It may seem like you are doing your guests a favor when planning a holiday destination wedding; they won’t have to take unpaid time off, right? However, planning a destination wedding over a holiday weekend does have its pros and cons. Before booking your wedding over Fourth of July or during Santa’s big visit, here are some things to consider.



The Cons of a Destination Wedding over a Holiday


Con #1: Everyone will be thinking the same thing. A holiday weekend means a busier holiday crowd. From the airport to the front desk, holidays can add anxiety to your already highly anticipated event. Whether you are looking at Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day, keep in mind that restaurants, spas, and even the pool bar will be more crowded than on non-holiday dates.


Con #2: The hotel rates will be higher. Your guests may have an easier time getting off work, but hotels always jack up prices during holidays to reap the benefit of high demand. If cost is of big concern for you and your family, a holiday weekend can make your affordable destination wedding a little less budget-friendly.


Con #3: The Incredible Shrinking Guest List. If you choose a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving, you will be disheartened to discover that certain guests won’t attend. Oftentimes, traditional holidays are private and personal. As a result, you may not be able to toast margaritas under a holiday decorated palm tree with anyone that doesn’t share your current or soon-to-be last name.



The Pros of a Destination Wedding Over a Holiday


Pro #1: Built-in vacation time. The first thing that guests will think when they receive your destination wedding invitation is if they can get the time off. If you want to have a bigger destination wedding crowd than immediate family and friends, planning it over a holiday weekend may allow for more people to attend.


Pro #2: Slow times mean good times ahead. Depending on the nature of the business or job title, holiday weekends can tend to be slower ones for all sorts of trades. An office that slows down considerably over the holidays makes for an easier one to escape. This can be just one more reason they book their flight instead of putting their nose to the grindstone.


Pro #3: It’s a family-friendly solution. If you have loads of children on your guest list, choosing a holiday that won’t interfere with their school schedule will win major points with moms and dads. This can be a wonderful way to make sure that all members of your family can witness your big moment.



Holiday Weekend Wedding Breakdown: Communicate


Above all, ask your guests what they would prefer. Since destination weddings tend to have a smaller amount of RSVPs, get on the phone and take a tally of who would prefer a holiday weekend and who wouldn’t. That may be the most democratic way to decide when your destination wedding will take place holiday-free or not.



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