Save Money on Destination Wedding Travel

Save Money on Destination Wedding Travel

Cheap travel is the Holy Grail when it comes to planning an affordable destination wedding. Now more than ever, wedding couples need to look for inventive ways to recession-proof their destination wedding. No matter how low you can get the travel budget to go, not everyone invited will be able to afford to attend your wedding. However, if you want to persuade the guests who are simply riding the fence of financial indecision, here are some cheap travel tricks to try.



Look for Departure Non-Stop Service


In the States it can cost less to fly if you have more than one stop. However, when flying out of the country, it is best to look for an airport that can accommodate a non-stop flight from your departure airport to your destination. Consider where most of your guests will be flying from, and try to choose a wedding destination that is easily accessible from that location.


If guests have to fly out of regional airports or special airfields to get to your remote destination, it may be more costly, not to mention the sheer inconvenience of a long flight in combination with increased cost might turn them off. For the best rates on travel, consider having a travel agent assist you and your guests with bundling airfare. If a large group will be flying out of the same airport, you can get better rates or even afford a chartered flight for less than a conventional one.



Look for Off-Season Specials


If you haven’t decided on a wedding date, consider choosing an off-season month. For couples who want to book an all-inclusive resort for their destination wedding, November or December are usually the cheapest. Conversely, the spring and summer months are going to be the most expensive and the most crowded.


The benefit of choosing a time when the resort is less crowded is that it can help pad your wallet with extra savings for spa treatments or high-end dinners. While the winter months tend to be busier months in the States, choosing a weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be the least expensive span of time to get married outside the U.S. If your budget trumps the guest list, then a winter wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean is going to be your best choice.



The Words ‘Private’ and ‘Reserve’ Mean You Pay More


An all-inclusive resort is the best way to spend your hard-earned wedding budget wisely, but beware of certain buzzwords that can balloon the bottom line. For example, if you want a private rehearsal dinner or cocktail party, that may cost you more than what you were quoted for your wedding package. Unless you have a large enough group, they may charge you per head.


Also, reserve wines and specialty cocktails are not included, so if you want to splurge for a top-shelf bottle of champagne, you need to be aware that it will show up as a check-out incidental. No matter what, the more questions you ask, the more tricks of the trade you will discover. A destination wedding is a cheaper option than a traditional one; you just have to make sure you don’t make any small mistakes that add up to big costs.




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