Spa-tastic Ideas for a Destination Wedding Bachelorette Party

Spa-tastic Ideas for a Destination Wedding Bachelorette Party


The bachelorette party is a bride’s rite of passage, even if she passes through a few time zones to get there. No matter how you envision your last night as a single lady, there is nothing better than sharing it with your best girls.


If you are over the clear heels, feather boas, and tequila shots associated with traditional bachelorette trysts, then a deluxe oceanfront spa is the perfect destination for a classy and relaxing send-off. A spa day (or days) can transform your bachelorette party into something truly luxurious and relaxing instead of a headache waiting to happen.



Girls’ Getaway Spa Packages


Imagine this scenario: a beachfront massage followed by a top-notch facial before your full body mud-mask and a refreshing dip in an all-natural mineral tub. While it may sound like you just sunk your Christmas bonus into the pool of bath salts you just emerged from, think again. Affordable destination wedding packages don’t only apply to the bride and groom. In fact, several all-inclusive and wedding-friendly resorts, like the Grand Lucayan in the Bahamas, offer girls’ getaway packages that can appeal to all budgets.


You and your bridesmaids can skip the club and opt for a one-of-a-kind tropical spa experience. In doing so, be sure to ask your wedding planner for their price point options for spa bachelorette parties when you ask for their wedding package deals. Send that information to your bridesmaids or female guests as soon as you have specific details. Depending on how many girls you have in mind for your perfect day, you will want to make sure the resort has enough massage hands on deck.



A Spa Week Is Anything But Weak


If you are simply worn out or have been waiting a very long time for the wedding of your dreams, there is nothing more opulent (or deserving) than basking in the final moments of your pre-nuptial self at the spa- every day. A unique spin on the ‘spa day’, consider a spa bachelorette package that offers a collection of credits to be used on any day of your stay.


This way you and your girls can have a daily place to meet, decompress, unwind, and simply gab in serene privacy. Weren’t able to try the peppermint paraffin or the chocolate body scrub the first time around? This package stretches the bachelorette party to last as long as your vacation does.



Work Out and Wind Down: The Package for the Fierce and Fit


If you met your best friend in the spinning room and don’t want all of your hard-earned work to slip down a Moroccan drain, then consider a spa-bachelorette party that works you out and winds you down. Some resorts offer bachelorette packages that will include an all-access pass to the fitness center, yoga classes, and swimming pool with the purchase of a spa treatment. This is perfect for the fit females in your life that like to relax as much as they like to stay active.


A spa bachelorette party is the ideal way to center yourself and connect with those closest to you. Who says bachelorette parties have to be exhausting? This is one party that will leave you feeling more rejuvenated and refreshed than a girls’ night out ever could.