Thank You Cards for Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Registries

Thank You Cards for Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Registries

Writing thank you cards is an absolute must-do for any couple. Stuffy cards with printed form letter thank you’s may be some couple’s idea of a heartfelt thank you, but for others they want to say more. Want unique ways to show how much you appreciate a friend or family’s generosity? For the couple who got married on the beach or registered for surf lessons instead of stuff, here are some creative ways to let guests know how much you appreciate them in a non-traditional way.


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For the Honeymoon Registry Couple

For couples that registered for their honeymoon, you may not be quite sure how to go about wording thank you cards. For those guests who helped you get to your amazing honeymoon and back, it is important for the thank you cards to be just as specific as if they had given you plush towels or a toaster oven. So how do you make their ‘thank you’ personal? That’s easy. Thank them for whatever they bought for you on your registry. Whether or not their cash gift actually went to a picnic on the beach or moonlit horse ride, you want to be sure to thank them for whatever they specifically gave money to.


If, however, you made your registry very true-to-reality, then take as many photos as you can of your specific honeymoon registry items. Get a photo of you flying first class, and make it into a postcard for the thank you. Write something like, ‘Thank you for getting us to Bora Bora in bliss’. From the first class cabin, Mike & Teresa. Or take a photo on top of the zip line tower and include it in your thank you’s with a quirky message like ‘We’ve been on top of the world since our wedding. Thank you for helping us zip our way through it!’


For the Techy Couple

If you feel like you’ve overloaded your guests with photos of you and your new wife or husband throughout the entire invitation and wedding process, you are not alone. In this digital age, it is so easy to inundate everyone with photos of ourselves to the point of, let’s face it, ad nauseam. And while a thank you card in front of your wedding venue or in front of your getaway car with a thank you sign is adorable, some may want the thank you card to be less about them and more about the giver.


If this is you, then why not include a postcard that has a QR code? A QR code is an iPhone compatible barcode that can send your guests to any place on the Web with a quick scan. Easy to create on any of the hundreds of free websites for QR code generators, couples can include this little barcode on thank you postcards so if guests want to see more images from your wedding or honeymoon, it will direct them directly to your site. You can then reserve the entire card for thanking them for their generosity without adding more face time to the whole deal.


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