White Lights and Candles at Your Destination Wedding

White Lights and Candles at Your Destination Wedding



Lighting has the power to transform your celebration from ordinary to extraordinary! Sadly, it’s often one of the most overlooked wedding details. The options are extensive and can be overwhelming. Consult with your wedding planner to determine the best means of enhancing your wedding design and find the ideal lighting – upscale chandeliers, boho lanterns, or high-tech LEDS. Lighting under tables and within floral installations are contemporary and very popular options for couples and add an element of surprise.





Maile Weddings and Events has found the key to an exceptional lighting installation is creating ambiance. No matter your wedding’s theme, the mood should feel intimate and romantic.  White lights, with a plethora of candles, are always a great way to illuminate your aisles, altar, or chuppah. In tropical settings where trees and plants often mark the ceremony site, LED or café lights can add a bit of romantic flair.


Revisit  your overall design concept  – whether contemporary, romantic, tropical, or boho. My personal favorite is always candles, and LOTS of them! Our experience in Hawaii is that ocean or beachfront locations may require electric candles to avoid them constantly blowing out in the wind. Don’t hesitate to draw from your planner’s experience to learn the best applications for your venue.


True story –one of our Hawaii brides insisted she wanted actual pillar candles at her reception tables instead of battery operated candles. The Maile team spent most of the evening leaning over her guests constantly relighting the candles as the wind blew them out as soon as we lit them. Our bride finally asked us to stop. When you hire an experienced wedding consultant, take full advantage of their wisdom. Their skills and experience are definitely a reason you’ve hired them, and their goal is to save you from these types of irritations.