10 Adventurous Honeymoons for Thrill Seeking Couples

10 Adventurous Honeymoons for Thrill Seeking Couples

For those couples that don’t believe vacations are for relaxing.




Arches National Park

You don’t have to necessarily travel far to find adventurous honeymoons. Pack up the car and head to the desert. The National Parks have just celebrated their 100th anniversary, and it’s never been a better time to visit one of our fabulous meccas of natural attractions. Arches National Park (pictured here) features unbelievable hikes and wondrous desert landscapes.




New Zealand

The shooting location of the otherworldly Lord of the Rings series, New Zealand is home to lush green hills and dramatic coastlines. You will find plenty of ways to indulge your thrill-seeking habits, and all with an amazing backdrop.




The Maldives

If you prefer your adventure with a side of luxury, the Maldives may be just the spot for you! Scuba dive, ride horses, participate in water sports, and all while basking in gorgeous, world-class accommodations.





We love adventurous honeymoons that are also completely unique. Iceland is an unforgettable destination no matter what the season, but it is magical during late fall to early spring when you can watch the Northern Lights. There are glamping-style resorts in Iceland dedicated to giving their guests unparalleled views of this natural wonder.





While summiting Everest is probably a bit out of reach for most couples, you can still hike portions of it with tour companies. You don’t have to make it to the top to appreciate the beauty of the highest peak on earth.




Puerto Rico

Love extreme, adrenaline-junkie activities? Puerto Rico offers awesome zip lines, adventure parks, and rock climbing. And you don’t even need your passport, because this beautiful destination is a U.S. commonwealth nation.




The Adirondacks

But maybe you’re just looking for an escape to nature. The Adirondacks in New York are a hidden gem, with pristine lakes, thick forests, and picturesque vistas. You can visit anytime, but we think it is especially fantastic in autumn, as the leaves begin to change and the mountain air is crisp.





Each island in Hawaii has its own unique take on adventure. Take it easy on Kau’ai, free from most tourist traps, and savor white sand beaches, beautiful hiking, and a more relaxed pace. For adventurous couples that want a variety of activities, your best bet is the Big Island or Maui.




The Great Barrier Reef

If you two love scuba diving, why not celebrate your marriage with a trip to the world’s most famous site, The Great Barrier Reef? Located off the coast of Queensland, there are scores of tour companies for different experience levels.





Don’t want to stay at just one destination? Find a cruise that features excursions that will meet all of your adventure-seeking needs. Even though these additional trips are usually an extra charge, cruises can be a relatively stress-free way to travel.