10 Haunted Tours for Your U.S. Honeymoon

10 Haunted Tours for Your U.S. Honeymoon

Especially during an October honeymoon, a haunted tour can mean some delightfully creepy fun.


While on your autumn honeymoon, check one of these out if you want a spooky evening out!  Of course, keeping in mind that one person’s scary is another person’s cheesy, all of these cities offer ghost tours that are informative and entertaining.


Seattle, WA

On this tour you will wander around one of Seattle’s most famous tourist attractions after it has closed for the night.  Learn from talented storytellers about the burial ground the market was built on and the ghosts reputed to haunt the market stalls.  With several terrific pubs and restaurants nearby, this is great for a campy night on the town in Seattle.


San Jose, CA

The Winchester Mystery House’s evening tour is guided by flashlight, allowing you to explore this bizarre former home of Sarah Winchester in eerie lighting. After the death of her husband and child, Sarah visited a psychic, who told her that she was under a curse. In order to keep this curse at bay, she was to never stop building on her home. As a result, her giant mansion was under construction for nearly four decades and is filled with stairways leading nowhere and partially remodeled rooms.


Long Beach, CA

Restored employee passageways and lonely guest room corridors are the setting for this evening tour on the Queen Mary. Although this is one of the more family-friendly tours on this list (there are more ‘special effects’ than anything frightening), the backdrop is also one of the most interesting. You can even stay the night aboard the ship in one of the Art Deco-styled staterooms.


San Antonio, TX

This tour primarily focuses on the Menger Hotel which they refer to as ‘the most haunted hotel in Texas.’  You can start with dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, and even add on an additional ghost tour around San Antonio. At the Menger on Halloween, you can participate in even more Halloween fun by attending a costume event.  Your tour around the city will include stops like the Alamo and a local cathedral.


New Orleans, LA

In a city this steeped in the macabre, you’d have to expect some sensational ghost tours!  Try one that walks you through the French Quarter.  Because the paranormal is such as big deal here, you can customize your tour to either a specific niche (vampires, voodoo, true crime, etc.) or take a general ‘haunted’ walk around this mysterious city.  With plenty of spooky atmosphere and an open liquor policy, this will be an unforgettable night in one of America’s most famous neighborhoods!


Charleston, SC

The Deep South has many charming cities to visit, and each of them have their own unique ‘haunted’ history. Charleston’s tours are some of the most picturesque and detailed. The adults-only tours feature salacious stories from this city’s distinctive past, including pirates, dungeons, and voodoo.  You’ll roam down Charleston’s alleyways and past gravestones, all by candlelight.


Louisville, KY

If you want a side of tragic with your scares, visit the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville. A tuberculosis hospital that closed in the early 1960s, this institution saw more than its fair share of death.  A tour operator will take you around the dilapidated facility pointing out such details as the ‘body chutes,’ where the victims of the disease were thrown away.  This tour company also offers extended ‘paranormal investigations’ that you can join in on.  During October there is a gruesome haunted house.  Slated to eventually become a ‘haunted hotel’ by its owners, Waverly Hills is certainly a destination for the bravest of honeymooners.


Williamsburg, VA

If churning butter is just not your thing, don’t worry, you can still enjoy Colonial Williamsburg!  The adults-only tour begins at 11pm and will take you through the town for the next 90 minutes. If you like your ghost stories with a side of history, this is certainly the tour for you!  On the other hand, if you want to amp up the scary and love to watch The Walking Dead, visit in October to participate in the zombie haunted house and escape room.


Salem, MA

The site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, this Massachusetts town is full of tragic history and moody scenery.  There are, of course, several tour companies offering tours in the area. You can learn more about the practice of witchcraft, the history of the trials, or the existence of paranormal phenomena depending upon your own preferences. No matter which tour you choose, you’ll see plenty of fascinating architecture along your way. Few historic districts are as interesting at night as Salem (especially during October when the town is in a month-long festival).


Sleepy Hollow, NY

You might just spot the Headless Horseman on this tour of Sleepy Hollow, NY. Illuminated by lanterns carried by tour participants, you will visit the local graveyard and be regaled with stories about the history of the town and Washington Irving, who once stayed in nearby Tarrytown (which led to the inspiration for his famous story).  For people who enjoy a more macabre atmosphere, there is also a tour focused on local murderers and the tragic end for their victims.