10 Tips for Saving for Your Dream Honeymoon

10 Tips for Saving for Your Dream Honeymoon

Don’t let travel costs stop you from planning the honeymoon trip of a lifetime. Follow these tips for saving money on hotels, airfare and more.


Planning a honeymoon is typically hard work. Budgeting for one is even harder. If you’re worried about funding the vacation you’ve been dreaming about, use these tips to fill your (metaphorical) money jar. We’ve provided our best advice for cutting back before and during your travels.




Cut back on daily habits.

Your morning latte orders (and/or other reocurring purchases) add up overtime. If you can do without, you can put the money you would’ve spent in a honeymoon fund, instead.


Know when to book.

Airline and hotel rates climb quickly, so typically, we recommend not procrastinating. That being said, sites like KAYAK and AirfareWatchdog provide more specific tips for when to book, depending on factors like location and when you want to travel. Check them out, and plan your vacation accordingly for the best deal.


Keep an eye out for sales.

Travel websites like, Tripadvisor, Expedia and can also alert you to price changes for things like airfare and accommodations. For activities and dining during your travels, try Groupon. Of course, read these deals carefully, and make sure there aren’t any undesirable catches. If it seems ‘too good to be true,’ it probably is.


Avoid travel during high season.

Every destination has a shoulder season that falls between the best and worst times to visit. This is the sweet spot for finding prime deals because you don’t have to sacrifice good weather for lower prices. Before you book anything, research this time for each location you’re considering.


Opt for a honeymoon registry.

If you live together and already have plenty of home essentials (or you’ve just got a severe case of wanderlust), consider a honeymoon registry. Rather than shopping for kitchen items, guests can purchase gifts toward your trip instead.


Skip major airlines and airports.

If you want more money for scuba diving lessons, shopping, or whatever your plans may be, consider flying into secondary airports. While it might mean a little more drive time to the hotel, it can cut costs on airfare.


Check out alternative lodging.

All-inclusive resorts are great because they take the stress out of planning minus the surprise fees. But if you’d rather plan your own itinerary like a honeymoon road trip, consider alternative lodging like Airbnb rentals or a bed-and-breakfast.


Dine out less.

Trying new foods can be one of the best parts of traveling, but it can also add up quickly. If you book a place with kitchen facilities, take advantage of them to satisfy your hunger for certain meals or whenever you need a snack.


Mention you’re honeymooning.

Sometimes you can enjoy special perks by hinting you’re on your honeymoon. It’s not always bound to work, but you could score a round at the bar or even a complimentary room upgrade during your hotel check-in.


Plan a ‘later-moon.’

Don’t worry if you can’t afford your dream honeymoon right away. More couples are opting to vacation later to save money after wedding expenses, use more time to map out their trip, or both.