3 Honeymoon Ideas for Scotland

3 Honeymoon Ideas for Scotland

Scotland is awash with tales of epic battles and stately castles, making it one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations on the globe.


Even though they have over 20 million visitors per year, there are many ways for couples to make their Scottish getaway a private affair.


Whether you choose to stay in a Scottish manor or castle, a luxurious suite in Edinburgh, or cozy up in a gorgeous country house on the shores of Loch Ness or on the Isle of Skye, honeymooners can play the duke and the damsel in the lap of luxury.


Scottish Castle & Manor Honeymoon


Whether you want a room in a large grand castle to call your own for a few nights or you want a quaint yet glamorous manor that has all the comforts of home (like your own butler, right?), then take your time choosing between the many different castle and manor hotels sprinkled throughout the Scottish Highlands and beyond.


For fairy-tale lovers, Aldourie Castle on the southern shore of Loch Ness near Inverness strikes an uncanny resemblance to the Disney Castle, but without the talking animals. With 15 different bedrooms to choose from, this turret peaked masterpiece is truly breathtaking.


If you would rather have your own lodge without any other guests present (this is your honeymoon after all), then the Gate Lodge is located down a private drive on the same grounds as Aldourie Castle. It has been lovingly restored and is within walking distance to Loch Ness and the rolling hills beyond.


The most romantic castle-hotel may be Cawdor which will forever be tied to Shakespeare’s tale, Macbeth. Built in the 14th century, it is complete with red velvet bed curtains, vibrant early-century wallpaper, and gothic charm.


For stunning decor stay at Stirling Castle. For triumph under oppression (it was ruined once during the Jacobite rising) book at Eilean Donan Castle. And for one that still belongs to the original clans, Dunvegan Castle will not disappoint.


Bustling Edinburgh Honeymoon


If you’ve come to Scotland for castles, then even this second-most visited city outside of London has its own Edinburgh Castle. While you can’t stay there, you can check into one of the many luxury hotels in the shadow of this amazing structure. The Royal Mile is also smack-dab in the middle of all the action where hotels, restaurants, and drinking establishments beckon young lovers to partake.


However, if solace is what you are after, then the Lothians (Edinburgh’s country cousin) offer many quaint country cottages and B&B’s almost too perfect to be real.


Scottish Country Cottage Honeymoon


If you simply want to enjoy a simple life by the sea in a cottage built for two, then Scotland has more historic homes to choose from than you have days to spend. The 100-year old stone cottage Honeysuckle Holiday Cottage is as idyllic as its namesake. Located in the historic village of Fordyce in Aberdeenshire, it is a short distance to the beach at Sandend.


For seaside solitude, The Old Church (built in the 1800’s) on the Isle of Skye used to be a place of worship, but has been converted into a quaint living space perfect for honeymooners with a view of the water.


Romance, folklore, and breathtaking landscapes, a Scottish honeymoon is hard to beat.