3 Tips for Carry-On Success

3 Tips for Carry-On Success

Budgeting for a honeymoon is hard enough without having to pay those extra fees for couples bringing more than a carry-on.

With the fees and international travel time (taking hours or even a full day to arrive) checking bulky baggage is not only a logistical nightmare, it may also be unnecessary especially, if you are headed for the beach. Some honeymooners underestimate the amount of time they will spend in their bathing suits instead of in their fancy clothes.


If you consider yourself to be a breezy bride with a hang-loose hubby, you may want to commit yourself to a honeymoon carry-on only. Not only does this type of packing save you and your honey about $100 round trip, but following these excellent travel tips won’t leave you feeling like you are forgetting anything.



Plan Outfits for Every Day Ahead of Time


For couples who are working with a travel agent or have at least a rough itinerary outlined, pack your carry-on by laying out outfits per activity, per day. The best way to do this is to assign each day an outfit and lay it out on your bed. Choose your top six favorite outfits and then narrow them down by how interchangeable each item in that ensemble is. Light flowing scarves and floppy hats can transform a day-trip outfit into evening restaurant attire, as can a few bangles and a fresh-face of make-up.


For footwear (since they tend to take up the most space), pack one pair of dressy shoes and one pair of casual shoes. Be sure to choose these pairs based upon the outfits you have selected. Each pair should be interchangeable with each of your top six outfits even if they don’t match perfectly. Golds, neutrals, tans, and blacks are the best choices for shoes in carry-on travel packing. Packing tip? Place shoes around the perimeter of the bag. This takes up a lot less space than just stacking them in the belly of your carry-on.



Pack to the Power of 2


If you are going someplace in Europe where you will be spending the majority of your time touring museums, art galleries, cathedrals, castles, and historic villages, pack in twos. This simply means to pack two of everything; two pairs of jeans, two blouses, two camisoles, two capris, and two bathing suits, etc.


If you are headed somewhere tropical, the same rules apply; two bathing suits, two sarongs, two pairs of sandals/flip flops, two evening dresses, and two pairs of shorts with tank tops. This type of packing will give you enough options throughout your stay to mix and match different pieces without having to wear the exact same thing twice.



Don’t Over-pack in Fear of Forgetting


Some people get anxiety about traveling without enough options. Whether you want to avoid the chance of forgetting your favorite dress or lucky bracelet, planning ahead is the best way to prevent a travel-induced meltdown. Make a list from the essentials to the extras. Once your bag begins to fill up, take one item out at a time based upon importance. You may find that over-packing doesn’t actually help you decide what to wear, and instead can add to the problem of indecisiveness. Keep in mind, that you will probably buy new clothes on your honeymoon destination anyway. Above all, less is more.