3 Tips to Designing a St. Lucia Wedding Reception

3 Tips to Designing a St. Lucia Wedding Reception

Consider taking your wedding to St. Lucia!



Romantic Lighting


The best way to create a romantic mood at any wedding reception is to add lots of candlelight. But when you combine that candlelight with the moon’s reflection off the Caribbean Sea it creates an ethereal, otherworldly atmospshere that your guests will remember forever. At TheBodyHoliday and Rendezvous resorts, they can help you plan the event you’ve been dreaming of.

At your St. Lucia wedding reception, place votives or candlesticks at each table and then light your guests’ way by placing hurricane lanterns along the path, or in between tables. If you want to dazzle at your reception, make sure to wear a dress with just a bit of reflective beading or sequins so that you glow and sparkle in the candlelight.



Let the Food Take Center Stage


Just when you thought the beaches were the best thing about St. Lucia, you tried the food. An eclectic mix of different cultures and traditions combined with a bounty of local seafood, St. Lucia’s cuisine is absolutely delicious. With its unique ingredients and tropical presentation, it deserves a starring role on your tables. Design your tablescapes to highlight the entrees rather than distract from them by using simple dishes and shimmering glassware.



Traditional Glamour


A St. Lucia wedding doesn’t mean sacrificing traditional event glamour. Host your wedding in a gorgeous restaurant with an unbeatable view for your guests to enjoy. Fill the space with classic wedding decor details like large-scale centerpieces, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and napkins in your color palette.