5 Cities to Visit in South Africa

5 Cities to Visit in South Africa

Here are 5 amazing cities that are a must see during your South African Honeymoon.


If you know anyone who has visited South Africa, chances are you have already heard how amazing this country is.  Once you visit, you’ll want to return again and again. To help narrow down your honeymoon destination, we’ve selected 5 South Africa cities definitely worth the long flight!


Cape Town


This capital city has recently made it to the top of several ‘best cities to visit’ lists from leading travel sites and magazines. With a diverse population and rich culture, your stay in Cape Town can be as relaxing or action-packed as you want it to be.  One location you certainly can’t miss is Table Mountain, which the city is built around. Take a tram to the top and experience a once-in-a-lifetime view.


History and nature merge at the Cape of Good Hope, a landmark by which sailors used to navigate their journeys to the Atlantic Ocean. On warmer days, pack a light lunch and enjoy it along the rocky (albeit windy) coastline.


Part of visiting South Africa is encountering its difficult and complicated history. Visit Robben Island to tour the jail cell of Nelson Mandela. Back on the mainland, take a tour of the District 6 Museum. Even though these sites are hardly romantic, the history preserved at these destinations is not to be missed.





You go to Stellenbosch for one reason: wine. An area teeming with vineyards and wine bars, this is an oenophile’s paradise. Savor the wines of the region at vineyards like the Waterford Estate, Warwick Winery, and Spier Wine Farm.  Once you’ve sobered up, make sure to visit the beautiful Jonkershoek Nature Preserve.  You can swim, bike, or hike there, and you can also hire a guide to lead you along the way.   Nearby, one of the prettiest spots is Helshoogte Pass. Stop by and make all of your Instagram friends insanely jealous.



A bustling port city, Durban is filled with a unique variety of activities for honeymooners.  Even if gardens aren’t normally your first vacay stop, you should definitely pop into Durban Botanic Gardens. Established during the mid-19th century, it is home to many different plants and flowers. It also plays host to various concerts and shows that you might be interested in.  Another terrific venue for events is the Moses Mabhida Stadium. Depending upon the time of year, you can catch a soccer or cricket match, and sometimes a large concert.


It would hardly be a trip to Africa without going on a safari tour.  There are many different tour operators near Durban, so it won’t be hard for you to find one that meets your budget and scheduling needs.



The largest city in South Africa, Johannesburg was host to the 2010 World Cup Finals.  Located in the northeast region of the country, it is also home to several unique museums and botanical gardens.  The most significant is the Apartheid Museum, an experience tourists and locals alike consider important and powerful.  Are you both a couple of science and history buffs? You will love the Cradle of Humankind at the Maropeng Visitor Center.  This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the location where the largest number of hominin fossils have been found in the world.


On the lighter side, take in great local cuisine and shopping in the Maboneng Presinct. Or experience delightful thrills at the Gold Reef City amusement park.  Bird lovers will consider Montecasino Bird Gardens a truly lovely and relaxing afternoon.


Port Elizabeth


Nicknamed ‘The Friendly City,’ Port Elizabeth is the perfect destination for couples who love mild, breezy weather.  If you want to squeeze a whole lot of history into one day, head to the Donkin Heritage Trail. It follows the route of the early-19th century settlements, and is a little over 3 miles long. You can go on a tour or just follow the self-guided route (signs are posted).


Those seeking out a little unusual adventure should head to the rather epic Maitland Sand Dunes. You can try your hand at ‘sandboarding’ down the massive dunes, or just slog your way to the top for the impressive view!


For a fun evening out, go to the Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World.  Stroll the complex, which faces the Indian Ocean, and enjoy dinner at one of their many restaurants.