5 Exciting Cities for Your Australian Honeymoon

5 Exciting Cities for Your Australian Honeymoon

Start your great adventure in one of these Australian hot spots.

Heading ‘Down Under’ for your honeymoon means an escape to a dynamic country, full of unique heritage and plenty of things to do.  Here are the 5 biggest cities in Australia for you to consider for your great adventure!






Like all of Australia’s major cities, Sydney is on the waterfront. Located on the southwestern coast, Sydney’s harbors bustle all day. You will find no shortage of performing arts, cultural events, and luxurious accommodations in this metropolis.  During your stay, make sure you stop by Darling Harbor.  A large entertainment complex and pedestrian thoroughfare, it’s a terrific way to spend a fun night out in Sydney. Also not to be missed is the iconic Sydney Opera House. Take a tour or just use it for a photo op outside.  Either way, it’s definitely a bucket list-worthy destination.  If you need a little laidback beach time, visit Bronte Beach. More relaxed than some of the other beaches nearby and close to several local cafes, it’s a picture-perfect place to spend a long afternoon.



This fun city is a mix of historic buildings and modern industry. Situated along the southern coastline of Australia, it is the second largest city in the country.  In the mood for a once-in-a-lifetime road trip?  Take advantage of The Great Ocean Road, which starts near Melbourne and leads you on a beachfront route through small towns.  It’s an incredible view the entire way. There are tours available, but we think that you can’t beat the experience of renting a car and doing it on your own.  If the two of you love sports, consider catching a cricket match while you are in town. Although Americans don’t typically follow cricket, you’ll soon learn just how passionate Aussies are about the sport.  When you want to do a little window shopping and exploring, hit up the Block Arcade, where you can browse boutiques, stop for tea, and do plenty of people-watching.



The northernmost city on this list, Brisbane is known for its lovely parks and extensive bike trails. It would be easy to spend your entire honeymoon exploring all of them, and if that’s your jam, you absolutely should!  However, if you only have time for one park in your packed itinerary, consider Mount Coot-tha and its botanical gardens.  The lookout will give you and outstanding view of the city and you can often tour the lush gardens for free.  Brisbane’s Story Bridge certainly isn’t the tallest in Australia, but it does come with a fun adventure!  You can climb to the top courtesy of an easy walkway and guided tour.  While this excursion is a little on the spendy side, we think the unique experience makes it totally worthwhile.  For history buffs, visit St. Helena Island for an up close and personal insight into Australia’s sad past.  Once a maximum-security colonial prison, this preserved site is located within a 30 minute ferry.



A vibrant city with a diverse arts scene, Adelaide is located in the Gulf of St. Vincent in South Australia.  Even though the city is not as large as Sydney, there are still countless attractions and destinations, so make sure to do your research ahead of time!  One place we think is a must-see is the Adelaide Central Market. Come with your appetites because with over 80 food stalls and produce stands, you can pretty much find whatever delicacy you are in the mood for!  Those that prefer to sample wines instead of food should go on a local area vineyard tour, where you can savor delicious wines in a beautiful, tranquil environment. Last, visit the quaint Adelaide Zoo. It features amazing wildlife from Australia and beyond, in an easy-to-walk size.



A lone urban oasis on the western coast, Perth is a rustic blend of convenience and the more rugged Australian landscape.  Unlike some of the other cities on the list, Perth is situated in an area that allows you to visit rural and often sparsely populated areas. One such location is the Pinnacles. Feel like you have been transported to another world as you explore these naturally-formed spires made of shell and rock in the Australian desert.  If this is a bit more outdoorsy than you had in mind, take a stroll through Kings Park in Perth. Pack a picnic to enjoy in the sunshine after you meander through the park’s many pathways.  In the evening, hunt down locals’ favorite haunts, as Perth has some of the coolest bistros, bakeries, and breweries in Australia.