5 Memorable Activities in Grenada

5 Memorable Activities in Grenada

Grenada, an island nation off the coast of Venezuela, is a stunning paradise perfect for a romantic destination wedding or honeymoon. We’ve gathered 5 activities and destinations that will showcase all of Grenada’s amazing beauty and fascinating culture.


Fort Frederick


There are several historic military forts in Grenada, but we like the view from Fort Frederick the best.  From here, you can look down over Inner Harbor and St. George’s, as well as other nearby forts.  Much of this French military structure’s walls are still standing.  Fort Frederick is an absolute must-see for history buffs. The hike isn’t very long, but it can be difficult and features some steep terrain. Make sure you have on good shoes and a bottle of water before you undertake this visit.


The Carenage


This waterfront promenade in St. George’s is the place to go for shopping, dining, and plenty of quality people-watching. As you stroll the shops, be sure to enjoy all of the historical sights, including the colonial era buildings that dominate the St. George’s landscape.  On Saturdays, the area also hosts a local farmers’ market featuring produce and wares courtesy of local farmers and artisans. Once you are done with your visit, you can easily visit Grand Anse Beach across the harbor via water taxi.

Belmont Estate


Grenada’s famous for its spices. With some of its most profitable exports including nutmeg, cacao, and mace, you can expect there are plenty of farms and plantations to tour. One such destination is the Belmont Estate. Here you can tour and taste to your heart’s content as you learn all about these spices at this agro-tourism hot spot.  They even offer advanced tour packages for those visitors interested in more specific knowledge, such as tropical plants or how to make chocolate. Yum!

Grand Etang National Park


One of the most beautiful spots in Grenada also happens to be home to Mona monkeys. This nearly endangered species happily greets tourists in exchange for gifts of fresh fruit.  Make sure to follow the directions of tour guides and signage about how to treat the wildlife here. The park contains gorgeous trails to hike on, giving you a scenic peek into this country’s flora and fauna.



Jessamine Eden Botanical Gardens & Wellness Farm


Near the Grand Etang national Park is a lovely little organic botanical garden, the Jessamine Eden Wellness Farm. Honey is the main product this farm sells, as it is a renowned honey bee sanctuary. Because of its location in the shadow of the park, the weather is is very temperate and the atmosphere quite peaceful. Have a meal and then take a relaxing walk through the extensive gardens.