5 Must See Destinations in Mozambique

5 Must See Destinations in Mozambique

Headed to Mozambique for your honeymoon? This southeast African country is filled with beautiful beaches and interesting architecture.

Here are 5 destinations to add to your Mozambique itinerary:


Maputo’s Architecture


The capital city (located near the southern border) is famous for its architecture, with one of the most popular buildings being the train station pictured above. Because this country was colonized by the Portuguese, there is an almost southern European feel to the city and its structures.  Tour the open air markets and take advantage of the unique culture and plentiful accommodations Maputo has to offer!  The city is currently experiencing a period of growth and renewal, as many overseas businesses are opening up locations here.



Quelimane Cathedral


Another architectural gem in Mozambique is the cathedral in the town of Quelimane.  Built in the late 18th century, the cathedral is currently in a state of ruin, although still considered to be one of the most majestic pieces of historical architecture in the region.  A revitalization project is rumored to be under way to preserve this building.



Mt. Namuli


Most of the area surrounding this granite dome is dominated by heavy forests and tea plantations. The view of Mt. Namuli is breathtaking. It’s difficult to get to the mountain, but there are trails nearby that are pretty to walk. If you are determined to climb Mt. Namuli, hire a local guide who can navigate local customs and act as an intermediary for you.



Scuba diving


With such a beautiful coastline, you can’t visit Mozambique and not stop at its beaches.  Take a trip under the sea in Ponta do Ouro and get an up close and personal take on this country’s aquatic life.  This town also offers popular dolphin watching tours, as well as a gorgeous beach to soak up the rays.



Lake Malawi


Located near the northern border of Mozambique is Lake Malawi, which is shared with Malawi and Tanzania. As this is a destination for locals and international tourists, you can expect to find all the usual water sports and easy access to accommodations.