5 Must See Landmarks in Athens, Greece

5 Must See Landmarks in Athens, Greece



When you honeymoon in a place as landmark-rich as Greece, it’s all about choosing which destinations are the most crucial. With this many amazing historical and cultural places to visit, there won’t be any rest for the two of you on your vacay!  If you only have a few days in Athens, here are the 5 can’t miss things to see and do!





The Acropolis of Athens is a collection of buildings and temples (including the Parthenon) built beyond a fortification wall.  Tourists flock to this legendary archaeological site, so be sure to schedule plenty of time in for lines and crowds (particularly if you go during a busier season).  Wander the awe-inspiring ruins on your own, or with a tour.



Acropolis Museum


This museum is one of the most popular modern attractions in Athens. Built on top of an existing archaeological site, this museum opened just a few years ago because the discoveries of digs at the Acropolis exceeded the previous museum’s space and design.  Artifacts from the Archaic, Classical, and Roman periods are all here in the galleries.  With a delicious on-site restaurant (that even the locals visit), prepare to spend the entire afternoon here.



Mt. Lycabettus


Don’t worry–we’re not suggesting you climb a mountain on the limited time you have in Athens.  You can take the hillside cable railway to the top.  There is an open air amphitheater at the top, and if you happen to be in Athens during a concert, you should go.  But the real reason to go to Mt. Lycabettus is the amazing view. The picture-perfect panorama surrounding you will make you the envy of all of your Instagram followers back home.



National Archaeological Museum


Two museums? Yes.  Athens is considered the ‘cradle of Western civilization’ for a reason.  You’re never going to get the opportunity to see these types of artifacts and art anywhere else. Savor it.  Particularly fascinating are the discoveries on display from the Antikythera shipwreck (in the 1st century B.C.), including an astronomical clock, thought to be the earliest example of an analog computer.





After all of the facts and knowledge you have learned at the last few destinations, you and your honey need to take some downtime and go for a stroll. Tour one of the most charming neighborhoods in Athens, Plaka, with unique architecture and winding streets.  With houses popping up as they weave in and out of the hillsides, it’s a magical place to behold. There are also cute little shops here and there, so plan on picking up a few souvenirs for your friends and family along the way.