5 National Parks to Visit on Your Tanzania Honeymoon

5 National Parks to Visit on Your Tanzania Honeymoon



Considering an African safari for your once-in-a-lifetime vacation? Here are 5 parks in Tanzania to help you start your planning.


Honeymooning in Tanzania may be just the destination for your adventures.  Filled with beautiful national parks, this country offers an abundance of outdoor activities.





Chances are the second you saw ‘Serengeti’ you started humming Toto’s Africa. No judgment. Yours truly has had it in my head all day. And it’s easy to see what inspired that song when the landscape is this breathtaking. Serengeti National Park is the most popular park in Tanzania, mainly due to its status as a modern 7th wonder.  As wildlife is aplenty, head out with an experienced group. You can arrange a more structured tour, safari, or hot air balloon ride to give you a more thorough view of the seemingly endless plains.





A national park speckled with small, rolling hills on the plains, Kitulo is intriguing mostly due to its diverse flora.  Referred to as the ‘Garden of God’, there are so many botanical plants and flowers to behold. Hike among the orchids and take in the chirping of birds.  Locals suggest going in the first few months of the year to really see everything at its peak bloom. This park is a bit more rustic, so go with a tour group and don’t expect a lot of accommodations or amenities (in other words, pack a Kind bar and an extra bottle of water–just in case).





Mt. Kilimanjaro


Tanzania is home to the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Because the summit is not as high as other well-known peaks, visitors come from all over the world to try their hand at the trek.  Even if you don’t want to reach the top, you should still take in this amazing national landmark. There are plenty of day hikes and beautiful vistas for those who are more inexperienced.  Accommodations are available within easy driving distance to the park.







If you two want to see some African wildlife, Ruaha National Park is the destination for you.  Elephants, antelopes, buffalo, and more can all be spotted within the park’s vast boundaries.  Make sure to take a guided safari so that you can see them all. If historical sites are more your thing, there are also several ancient artifacts and rock paintings at this location.  Depending on your purpose, visit this area for wildlife during summer-fall, and enjoy more moderate weather in early winter.



Mahale Mountains


Need to see some chimpanzees up close and personal?  Check out Mahale Mountains National Park!  The climate and natural surroundings are a bit more lush here. Expect to see some thickly forested hills and lakeside beaches.  There are special tours to make the most out of chimp viewing that last for several days. Make sure to take advantage of this unique and memorable experience.