5 of the Friendliest Honeymoon Destinations

5 of the Friendliest Honeymoon Destinations

Pack your bags — these incredible honeymoon destinations are some of the friendliest places to celebrate after ‘I do.’


When you’re on your honeymoon, you’ll want to surround yourself with people who are just as happy as you are. After all, there’s nothing like poor customer service and rude personal encounters to make a vacation feel anything but an escape from life. Make your first trip with your spouse memorable and pleasant from beginning to end with these friendly honeymoon destinations.





Chances are if you strike up a conversation with someone in Ireland you’ll likely find yourself still swapping stories hours later in the local pub. The Irish are welcoming to those visiting their country and will happily help you find a hotel for the night, recommend a restaurant, or share tips on what to see in the area.




You’ll feel the spirit of aloha from the moment you step off of the plane! Many resorts will even welcome their guests with a fresh flower lei for an extra special greeting. It’s tough to have a sour attitude when you live in paradise! When you’re driving around, make time to stop at roadside shops and fruit stands to get up close and personal with the people who call the island state home.





Whether you’re strolling in Edinburgh or hiking Ben Nevis, you’re sure to find a friendly face in Scotland. If you’ve never visited Scotland before, you’ll quickly be won over by the charming people you’ll meet while traveling here. Even in the larger cities, you’ll discover a welcoming community who’s happy to help with every aspect of your honeymoon.





G’day, mate! Despite Australia’s rough-and-tumble reputation, this country is home to some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They’ll help you find the perfect spot for scuba diving or where to get the best local grub, and they’ll do it all with their lovable accents and open demeanor.





Head north to see European style cities and natural wonders, but don’t be surprised when the best part of your Canadian honeymoon isn’t Toronto, Niagara Falls, or Banff. The people of Canada are known world-wide for being kind and welcoming, and they’ll likely smile a bit wider when they discover that you selected Canada out of all possible honeymoon destinations.