5 Outdoor Adventures in the Cayman Islands

5 Outdoor Adventures in the Cayman Islands

For the adventurous newlyweds, you’ll definitely want to check out these outdoor activities for your destination wedding or honeymoon!


When you arrive in the Cayman Islands, it is perfectly fine to do nothing more than recline in your lounger and sip umbrella drinks. After all of that wedding planning stress, you’ve earned your fair share of R & R.  However, in the event that you want to stretch your legs and explore a little, here are 5 outdoor activities to help you enjoy all that the Cayman Islands have to offer!



Stingray City


See stringrays up close and have the chance to feed them in this shallow area off the northern coast of Grand Cayman. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is available through many different tour and excursion companies. Even though these are ‘wild’ stringrays, they are naturally very friendly and have been coming to this area to be fed for decades.  In fact, they will often rub up against you as a sign of affection.



Lighthouse Footpath


Birdwatchers and those looking for a postcard-worthy photo will love the views from the lighthouse on Cayman Brac. Take note that the lighthouses are really nothing to write home about–they are little more than lights. However, as the highest point on the island, you have quite a vista in front of you as you stare off the bluff.



Cayman Brac Caves


While on Cayman Brac, make sure to visit the legendary caves. Check out Peter’s Cave for a good view of the island, but wear good shoes as it is the steepest of those that are open to the public.  Brave the bats in the appropriately named Bat’s Cave.  Great Cave features plenty of stalagmites. Channel your inner pirate with a walk to Half Way Ground Cave, which resembles a skull.

Bloody Bay Wall


One of the Cayman Islands’ most famous dive sites, this dramatic drop off into a seemingly endless abyss (it’s actually about 600 ft.) should be on your ‘can’t miss’ list. Expect to see an unbelievable amount of marine life in the crystal clear waters in this spot off the coast of Little Cayman.  As with any diving trip, make sure you time it correctly with any flights back.



Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park


You won’t soon forget your jaunt inland to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. From the fascinating Woodland Trail to the Flower Garden full of brightly-colored blooms, this park is like a sort of microcosm of the Cayman Island themselves. History buffs should make sure to take a peek at the Heritage Garden, where they have recreated an early 20th century house and garden to give visitors an insight into this unique culture.