5 Quiet & Secluded US Honeymoon Spots

5 Quiet & Secluded US Honeymoon Spots

Enjoy a relaxing honeymoon at one of these quiet destinations.


After all the wedding planning and merry chaos, the last thing some couples want to do is honeymoon in a bustling city or on a crowded beach.  If the two of you would prefer a quiet and relaxing destination, we’ve found 5 charming locales you are sure to love!


Blue Hill, Maine lake


Blue Hill, Maine

This sweet little harbor town is just a half hour away from Acadia National Forest. Rent a cabin on the water or stay at a local inn.  The town is very small, but does offer a few quaint boutiques and restaurants. When you drive to Acadia National Forest, you can also stop in the larger Bar Harbor for day trip provisions and to rent bicycles. There are plenty of roads and trails that are great for biking once you are in the park.


Anchorage, Alaska nighttime stars


Anchorage, Alaska

Drive outside of Anchorage for twenty minutes and you’ll find yourself nearly in the middle of nowhere. Whether you want to camp beneath the Northern Lights or huddle up in a log cabin covered in snow, Anchorage has all the amenities (and quiet) you would need.  Explore local glaciers, forests, and ski slopes at your leisure and stop into the city for a bite to eat.


Lanai, Hawaii skyline


Lanai, Hawaii

While other Hawaiian islands get more than their fair share of tourist traffic, Lanai is relatively quiet and low key. Couples looking for a quiet sanctuary amidst a beach paradise will love this lush gem.  There are luxury lodgings on the island, as well as a few cottage rentals.  Because Lanai is not as rich with attractions and destinations as the other islands, this is definitely the place to visit if sitting on the beach is all the entertainment you need!


Farm field at dusk in Napa Valley, California


Napa Valley, California

If your bliss involves plenty of good wine, look no further than the peaceful Napa Valley for your honeymoon vacation.  Tour beautiful vineyards, dine at quiet cafes, and savor each moment with each other.  This honeymoon is luxurious, but laid-back, with plenty of elegant accommodations to choose from. If you need a break from wine tasting and perusing local shops (but why would you?), San Francisco is within easy driving distance.


water rushing down rocks in Boulder, Colorado


Boulder, Colorado

A camping and fishing nirvana, Boulder offers plenty of tranquil things to do for outdoor enthusiasts.  Hike in the mountains, sit by a river, breath in crisp mountain air, and completely unwind. You can laze about town, shopping for produce at the farmers’ market or listening to bands play during the summer. Even for such a large town, Boulder is a terrific place to relax and enjoy some quiet time.