5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination

Too exhausted to think about honeymoon planning?  We have a few helpful tips to maximize your most important vacay!


Do you have enough money to take your honeymoon right now?

Is your goal to just take a few days away mini-moon style, or do you have a luxurious dream vacay in mind?  Make sure that your budget aligns with your planning. A wedding can absolutely deplete your savings. There’s no shame in waiting awhile to build up a ‘reserve’ of cash again before you take your honeymoon. This is supposed to be a time to relax and connect, and that won’t happen if you are stressed and obsessed over every dollar you are spending on vacation.


What season? 

Consider your wedding date when planning your honeymoon.  Are you getting married in June, but want to avoid monsoon season at your tropical honeymoon destination?  You could choose to delay your honeymoon for better beach weather, or you could pick a U.S. beach destination that will offer you more consistent weather in the summer.


Want to celebrate your autumn wedding season and are eager to choose a destination to highlight the changing leaves?  Head for unconventional honeymoon locations like charming towns in Vermont or the mountains of Washington State.


Do you have adequate time off from work? 

If you only have a limited amount of time off following the wedding, clearly you don’t want to waste a chunk of that time at the airport. Maximize your vacay by choosing a nearby destination.  Or turn your travel into your honeymoon by taking a road or train trip.  In a more isolated area of the country?  Rather than flying for hours to a major city, head to a favorite small town and soak up the charm.


Do you agree on where to go?

Your sweetie wants to head for the mountains and you want to go to the beach.  Don’t rush on your honeymoon if you need more time to plan it.  There’s no reason you need to venture out right after your wedding.  Take the time to find a location that you will both enjoy.  During your planning, consider vacations that go to a variety of destinations, like a cruise.


Is now the right time for a vacation? 

Some people need more time to unwind than others.  If you know that you will still be trying to decompress by the end of your honeymoon, save it for later after the stress of the wedding has evaporated.  Do you have too many other things going on right now?  Promotions at work, pregnancies, home ownership, and joining two families together are all sources of stress (positive stress, but it is stress nonetheless).  Set your honeymoon at a time that works for the both of you.