5 Unexpected Delights in Mauritius

5 Unexpected Delights in Mauritius

From gorgeous, memorable views to the small details, Mauritius is filled with all sorts of surprises that will intrigue and delight the two of you.



When you travel to the tiny island nation of Mauritius for your honeymoon or destination wedding, prepare to be amazed.

The Central Market


Perhaps no other single destination in Mauritius will give you such a unique insight into this culture and its people.  Browse booths filled with produce, wares from local artisans, and delicious herbs courtesy of the island’s bounty.  While some Americans might find the price negotiating a bit intimidating, this is also the perfect place to pick up gifts for your family and friends back home.



Tea & Sugar Cane Plantations


There are several different tea and sugar cane plantations on Mauritius.  Take a tour of the factories with a local guide and even walk the surrounding fields. You can also have a tea tasting right there in the facility. From the leaves through to production, you can see how your favorite tea makes it to your cup each morning.



Food Carts


Street food has been enjoying a huge resurgence stateside, but it has long been the best places to get local cuisine in foreign countries. Mauritius is no exception.  Due to a blend of different cultures including African, French, and Indian, the food carts are phenomenal.  Those near the beach are absolutely brimming with fresh seafood. Plus, when you grab a bite at one of these casual stands, you also keep it budget-friendly!

Waterfalls in Black River Gorges Park


This vast national park is incredibly scenic with green, lush forests and quiet creeks. But perhaps the most stunning is its waterfalls. Take a hike and encounter all of this beauty up close.  There are trails for all levels of hikers. Expect plenty of other tourists if you stay on the easier paths, but even then, this serene park is known for its peace and quiet.



Colored Sand Dunes in Chamarel


You don’t have to argue about what’s better, the journey or the destination, when you are going to the colored sand dunes in Chamarel. The drive to the southwest corner of Mauritius is gorgeous, and the vistas will certainly keep your Instagram account busy.  But once you arrive in Chamarel, you’ve got another wondrous natural landmark to behold.  A creation of volcanic rock mixing with different kinds of soil, the geological result is 7 different vibrant colors of sand, striped throughout the sand dunes.