5 US Cities to Visit for NYE

5 US Cities to Visit for NYE

New Year’s Eve is such a fun way to conclude the holiday season!  And while NYC gets all the glory, the U.S. has many different fantastic cities to celebrate in.  Here are 5 destinations to consider for your festivities!



San Francisco, CA


One of the most sophisticated cities in the U.S., San Francisco offers a variety of different NYE parties and events. All culminating in a sparkling fireworks display over the bay, this West Coast gem is a great host for your New Year’s getaway.  Whether you want to participate in an epic pub crawl, luxurious dinner cruise, or total dance party craziness, this city has everything you need to celebrate in style!



Honolulu, HI


If you’re going to spend NYE somewhere special, why not be on a sandy beach sipping tropical cocktails?  Escape winter and head to Oahu for a lovely vacation in one of the friendliest places.  There are fireworks throughout the evening, but the big one is the Waikiki show at midnight. Most of the resorts in the area offer their own parties and feasts, from family-friendly casual to all-out decadence.  In Honolulu you can find an energetic street party with music, food trucks, and of course, fire and hula dancers.

New Orleans, LA


With Mardi Gras only weeks away, New Orleans happens to throw a great NYE while getting ready for their biggest party of the year.  This city manages to integrate their unique customs and personality into traditional NYE rituals. New Orleans’ trademark fleur de lis drops at midnight (who needs that bright ball anyway?).  Of course, you can expect revelry aplenty on Bourbon Street and peppy jazz melodies as you move with the crowds throughout this wondrous city.

Las Vegas, NV


It should come as no surprise that America’s playground knows how to host a fantastic NYE. Fly into this desert oasis for an unforgettable time.  Just make sure you check out the weather first. New Year’s Eve in Vegas means the chance to walk down the Strip for most of the evening (it closes down to street traffic early in the evening), and once the sun sets the temperature can drop dramatically.  There is a magnificent fireworks show and live concerts throughout the night.



Disneyland, CA or Disney World, FL


No matter which Disney park you are in, you can expect stunning fireworks displays, special events, and world-class dining.  If you favor visiting a smaller and more manageable experience, head to Disneyland. They specialize in creating a very charming vacation for their guests. If you would rather have a ton of options for your NYE celebration, Disney World offers the most variety of different parties and events throughout their selection of Orlando parks.  Either way, you can’t beat ringing in the new year with Mickey and Minnie.