7 Incredible Bali Honeymoon Activities

7 Incredible Bali Honeymoon Activities

The best ideas for your Bali honeymoon.


With it’s rolling green hills, crystal clear water, and swaying palm trees, Bali is the quintessential tropical honeymoon destination. Already popular with people living in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, word is getting out to the rest of the world that this Indonesian island can provide adventure, relaxation, and everything in between–all while boasting postcard-ready views. Take some time between surfing, sunbathing, and scuba diving, and experience these 7 can’t-miss attractions for your Bali honeymoon.


1. Mount Batur is an awe-inspiring collection of 3 volcanic cones. Explore around the base to discover some of Bali’s beautiful plants and animals, bathe in a nearby hot spring, or go fishing in Lake Batur. More adventurous visitors might be interested in undertaking the 3-hour hike up the mountain.


2. Besakih Temple, the largest of the Balinese temples is known as the ‘mother temple’ and is a must-see on your trip to the island. There are over 85 buildings on this sprawling, impressive property. Wander up and down the many pathways and staircases to discover different parts of the temple. If the 1,000 year old structures weren’t enough to put this place on your Bali honeymoon itinerary, the breathtaking vistas of the nearby mountains and rice paddies from the side of Mount Agung will convince you.


3. Tegallaland Rice Terraces are the most famous of Ubud’s rice paddies–and for good reason. What separates these from other similar vast stretches of land is their spectacular view. From the road of Tegallaland, you’ll be able to see the stepped fields (they use the traditional subak irrigation system).


4. Ubud Monkey Forest is also located just outside of Ubud and is often the highlight of visitors’ trips. Here, you can watch monkeys swing from vines, rest in trees, and groom one another in an experience like none other. Although the monkeys are under observation, this is not a zoo. Hold on to valuables, as the macaques aren’t hesitant to snatch something that interests them.


5. Tanah Lot Temple’s unique location makes this one of Bali’s most popular attractions. Situated on a large rock just off shore, Tanah Lot requires visitors to cross a small causeway that’s bordered by crashing waves. Once you’ve arrived, you can explore the main temple and smaller surrounding structures to learn more about Balinese culture, go shopping, or take in a dance performance in the cultural park.


6. Sekumpul Waterfalls is a group of seven stunning waterfalls. Although it’s not as popular as Gitgit Waterfalls, Sekumpul is widely believed to be the most beautiful on the island. Swim in the pools in front of each fall, and leisurely walk along the path that runs between them. It’s a perfect place to relax during your Bali honeymoon.


7. Uluwatu Temple offers stunning sea views from its enviable cliffside location. Linger in the late afternoon to catch a sunset over the Indian Ocean. Catch a Kecak dance performance, learn more about the temple’s 1,000 year old history, and peer over the edge of the 70 meter cliff (if you dare!). You can also add a side trip to the nearby monkey forest to this trip; legend has it that these monkeys remain near the temple to protect it from evil.