7 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon an “Adventuremoon”

7 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon an “Adventuremoon”

If your ideal honeymoon involves a little bit of adventure and a whole lot of sunshine, then you’re going to love everything on this list!


We love a good “get-up-and-go” couple; so from the experts that brought you WeddingMoons and Familymoons , here are ways to indulge in world-class adventures every single day of your “Adventuremoon”. Whether you’re a land lover, sea lover or both, we’re serving up adventure on a silver platter!



Paddleboarding is one of the newest and trendiest water sports to hit the islands. Not only is it adventurous, it’s a killer core workout too! Now you and your love can go back home and brag about your washboard abs and thrilling adventures!


Kayaking in the Caribbean Sea

It takes two to tango for this light adventurous water sport. We can’t imagine a better way to spend a warm island day then out in the sun, on the open waters gazing at the natural beauty and enjoying time with your significant other.


Offshore Boat Snorkeling

If you’re headed to the beach anyway, why not take the chance to explore the deep blue sea and unique sea life with a snorkeling boat adventure? Grab a waterproof camera and you’ll have enough photos to make the best underwater photographer a little green with envy.


Island Routes Horseback Ride N’ Swim

This one’s a bonus for all those animal loving couples. When you’re ready to explore and really connect with nature, saddle up to ride through rainforests, countryside, cliffs, and beaches and then venture into the warm ocean for a deep swim on horseback. It something new and something blue! See what we did there?



If your husband or wife is a golf aficionado then why not spoil him or her with a round or two of golf? When else will you be able to play on a professional, world-renowned golf course?  Slip on a pair of argyle socks and hit the greens.


Island Routes Zip-line Canopy

If you’re more of a ‘daredevil’ couple then you’ll definitely want to try this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Swing through the trees and soar like birds high above through island forests and waterscapes on a one-of-a-kind zip-line tour. There really is nothing else like it!


Giant Outdoor Chess

After all of your high flying and deep diving adventures, take it easy with a game of chess outside in the garden. Did we mention it was giant chess? You can even get a little “Harry Potter” on us and stand in for your knight or bishop!


Half the fun of any adventure is having someone to explore with. All of these adventures also make pretty cool and unique wedding gift items to include in your wedding registry. Perhaps someone will give one of you lucky brides the gift of adventure (fingers crossed)!