Adventurous Honeymoon: Cliff Diving

Adventurous Honeymoon: Cliff Diving

Want to get adventurous on your honeymoon? Try cliff diving! Tips for beginners and some of our favorite cliff jumping spots around the world.


There is something dangerously romantic for the couple who scouts out the perfect cliff diving crag on their honeymoon. From the natural pools (albeit frigid) of Switzerland to the tepid waters of Jamaica, finding the perfect cliff is half the fun. Some will traverse across mountains, sidestep gushing waterfalls, or tiptoe to the edge of a tangerine-tinged gorge to experience the perfect plunge. For the couple that wants to add a little extreme to their honeymoon itinerary, here is your treasure hunting guide for finding the best cliffs in the world.


What Makes a Cliff Diveable?

Cliff diving is a professional sport stemming from the Olympic high dive, but for the novice there are a few things to check for before you begin jumping off of any precipice. First, you need to make sure that the cliff isn’t any higher than 65 feet. The World High Diving Federation has put a cap on cliff height for the safety of newbies. Also, be sure you pick a spot that has been dove into safely before. If this isn’t your first cliff diving rodeo, then be sure you always dive together or go with a group. Rule of thumb? The higher the jump, the bigger the crowd.


Tips for Beginners

Start low  Even if you aim to move up to bigger cliffs, you should start at the smaller ones to get a feel for the water temperature and to perfect your pencil dive.


Explore – Once in the water, swim around a little bit to get a lay of the land from the water. This can help you plan your escape route too, which is essential to a successful dive.


Stay simple – The good news is that you’ve already snagged your dream gal or guy so there is no need to impress anyone with your rusty swan dive. Keep it simple; pencil dives are the most impressive.


Best Places to Cliff Dive in the World

The Southpoint Cliffs, The Big Island, Hawaii – These volcanic cliffs face the most southeastern part of the U.S. Ranging from 30-50 feet, they are the perfect platform for honeymooners to get their feet wet. Besides, breathtaking Pacific Ocean views keep couples company while they work up their gumption.


Negril, Jamaica – The crystal clear waters below the 40-70 foot drops are so inviting you may not even experience pre-jump jitters. Instead, the waters are warm and unfettered. However, you may want to bring a guide since the limestone cliffs on the west side do have a reputation for being as treacherous as they are thrilling.


Kimberley, Western Australia – While most of the best cliff-diving can be found on the ocean, this is one diving hot-spot that is inland. While they have cliffs that soar up to 80 feet, they have plenty of jump-sites that are for honeymooning beginners too. Amid waterfalls, gorges, and deep water, this is one beautiful free fall.


Brontallo, Switzerland – Not for beginners, this is the perfect place to watch the pros since it is the staging point for the World High Diving Federation Championships. If you happen to be honeymooning in July, try to secure one of the elusive spectator spots during the competition itself.