Aromatherapy for Stressed Out Honeymooners

Aromatherapy for Stressed Out Honeymooners


Aromatherapy can play a large role in reducing stress for honeymooners who are going to travel by plane, boat, or car to their exciting destination. Layovers, flight delays, heavy traffic, and, yes, even eager anticipation can wreak havoc on a well planned trip.


However, the soothing smells of certain essential oils can melt away pent up stress, ease motion sickness, and help calm a jittery traveler. No matter what common travel stress plagues you, here are a few foolproof ways to make sure your travel time is spent relaxing instead of melting down.



Must-Have Essential Oils for your Honeymoon Travel-Kit


While the list of helpful aromatherapy oils seems infinite, there are a few common scents that have proven helpful, especially during high-stress. Never leave for the airport without eucalyptus, geranium, lemon, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree. With new travel restrictions regarding the liquids you bring on board, you may not be able to bring each one of these oils with you. Instead, choose a couple that will benefit you the most in-flight or en-route.


Eucalyptus: Purifying and invigorating

Geranium: Soothing, mood-lifting, and balancing

Lemon: Uplifting, refreshing, and cheering

Lavender: Relaxing, normalizing, and calming

Peppermint: Vitalizing, refreshing, and cooling

Tea Tree: Cleansing, purifying, and uplifting.



No matter how much of each you take with you, be certain that the bottles only contain 3 ounces each of oil. Also, since the scents can be so potent, be sure to store them in shatter-free bottles to avoid a suitcase perfumery upon arrival.



How to Apply Aromatherapy Most Effectively While Traveling


If you lack calm, apply lavender to the temples and massage in a clockwise motion. Most people can feel the ease of travel stress happen immediately. If you get dehydrated while flying and tend to get headaches as a result, a drop of peppermint and a drop of lavender oil together should do the trick. Simply massage the blend into your forehead, temples, and neck before and during flight.


If you are flying a red-eye, bring geranium and lavender oil and a neck pillow. Add a dab of the oils to the neck pillow and it can help you drift off into dreamland quickly.


If you balk at the idea of carrying around a menagerie of bottles, consider using a mister instead. Pack a couple in your checked luggage and in your carry-on for when you arrive and travel between tourist sites, especially in hot areas. Perfect for those traveling internationally, mix 1/2 teaspoon of essential oil with 3 oz. purified water. A blend of lavender and geranium can help smooth out the rough edges of travel stress, while lemon oil and water can help revive you after a long flight.


Also, peppermint and water can help ease motion sickness. Regardless of what blend suits you best, the quick burst of water on your face and neck can keep you alert and feeling refreshed the entire way.



Unique Ways to Use Aromatherapy While Traveling


Perhaps you want to avoid using liquids at all while traveling since security can be stressful in and of itself. Essential oil eye pillows and masks, lotions, motion sickness bands, diffusers, and soaps can all benefit a weary traveler. Simply identify what stresses you when travelling the most, and these natural remedies can help keep honeymoon stress where it belongs out of the picture.