Beautiful Antebellum Wedding Venues in Atlanta

Beautiful Antebellum Wedding Venues in Atlanta



Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like Southern charm? Because we haven’t. In fact, whether we’re talking about the food, the friends or just a tiny bit of twang, we’re totally hooked. And, to be completely honest, these pieces of Antebellum architecture, which double as Atlanta wedding venues to dream about, are making us fall that much harder for the South.



Characterized by plantation houses and mansions with a tendency toward Greek and Classical Revival, Antebellum architecture is less a style of home and more about the time period – “before war” – in which they were built. Each one of these pre-Civil War venues has us swooning.  The columns, the shuttered windows, the square facades – we love these venues for their historic appeal and amazing photo ops.



Flint Hill


Easy on the eyes and the planning agenda, Flint Hill is a comfortable blend of modern function and old Southern romance. Built in 1835, the mansion is still home to the essence of the antebellum era – despite its proximity to busy Atlanta. Both indoor and outdoor locations are available for ceremony and reception, and the gazebo outside is nothing less than a picture-perfect place for making vows.



The Primrose Cottage


Terraced gardens and massive oak trees are only a piece of The Primrose Cottage’s appeal. Built in 1939, only four years after Flint Hill, the three-story mansion sits on three acres of careful landscaping, complete with arbors, fountains and a double veranda with a view of the back courtyard. The garden terrace and large front lawn are both ceremony-ready, while receptions are held in a recent addition to the property – the Overlook Ballroom.