Beautiful Las Vegas Wedding Ideas (without Elvis)

Beautiful Las Vegas Wedding Ideas (without Elvis)


A Las Vegas wedding has a reputation; however, it may not be an accurate one. Drive-thru wedding chapels, an Elvis impersonator officiant, and a few cheesy photographs are not what getting married in Vegas is all about (unless you want that). In fact, for those who want to host a destination wedding in the shadow of the Las Vegas Strip, they can have a wedding that’s as traditional or as unique as they can imagine.



Tradition Isn’t Lost in Sin City


If you like the prices of a Las Vegas destination wedding but are wary of the glitz, there are options for traditionalists. Most casinos offer special wedding package rates for their onsite chapels that can please the suit-and-tie type. For instance, The Bellagio offers a wedding chapel that can rival some of the most elaborate Catholic chapels in America. Ornate stainless glass windows and hand-carved wooden pews create the perfect traditional site for the gal who wants to have daddy walk her down the aisle in style.


Also, most of the chapels inside higher-end casinos operate like an all-inclusive resort. They are happy to customize wedding packages to include photography, flowers, music, entertainment, and even spa credits. Sometimes a flight to Vegas is much more practical than a destination wedding out of the country. So if you want the feel of a Vegas elopement but crave your family and friends’ support- you can have it all.



Unique Wedding Ideas for Vegas Nuptials


Don’t like the idea of a getting married in a chapel? Well, Vegas offers some of the most unique wedding sites in the country. If you fear hearing the clanging of slot machines while you are exchanging vows, then consider getting married outside the city limits. One idea? Hire a Las Vegas wedding consultant to facilitate a desert marriage at sunset. Another bonus? You can almost be guaranteed no rain on your wedding day.


Maybe you and your honey are the work-hard-play-hard type. If you love Vegas as much as you would hiking the Grand Canyon, why not consider getting married on the rim of the canyon? A short helicopter flight away from Vegas, this destination wedding is one that won’t be traditional in any sense. Perfect for small weddings that won’t need a lot of seating, a Grand Canyon marriage is as epic as the scenery.



Civil Ceremony for Fun Seekers


If you have never wanted the hubbub of a big wedding, a civil ceremony in Vegas may be the perfect fit. Since you are already in the heart of it all, you can bypass all of the hoopla and simply spend $50 and be married half an hour later. This option is great for couples who want to honeymoon instead of tossing a bouquet or are getting married for a second time.


A money and time saver, this option allows more room for fun. If you want to hang out with family and friends, take in the entertainment, and spend every moment you have experiencing the awe-inspiring magnitude of Las Vegas, a civil ceremony is the solution.