Best Day Trips from Cincinnati

Best Day Trips from Cincinnati


Whether you decide to spend your time at one of Cincinnati’s lively sporting events, or prefer to wander through the city’s social and cultural centers, we know that this town has enough museums, parks, and up-and-coming restaurants to keep you and your love attraction-hopping through honeymoon adventures to spare. And, hopefully, trying every flavor of Graeter’s ice cream under the sun. However, if you do decide the two of you need a break from your urban escapades, we have a day trip destination or two just for you.




Brookville Lake


Part of Indiana’s Whitewater River Valley, Brookville Lake is less than an hour from downtown Cincinnati and an exceptionally scenic section of the Midwest to spend a day – or two. Long acknowledged as one of the prettiest parts of Indiana, the lake is 5,260 acres of manmade waterfront recreation, and the third largest lake in the state. Hiking, picnicking, and horseback riding, along with obligatory sunbathing on one of the lake’s two beaches are the order of the day, and nearby bathhouses are clean and up to date. Couples looking to spend more than a day here can find lodging in one of Sagamore Resort’s condos, all of which are waterfront, have panoramic views of the lake.



Berea, KY


Best known for its small town appeal, historic roots, and rich present day culture, Berea, Kentucky, is just two hours south of Cincinnati and worth every moment of the drive. A town filled with quaint arts and crafts shops and numerous festivals, Berea is truly an experience for the senses. The community is largely artisan, and quality, hand-crafted, furniture, pottery, and instruments are only a few of the items created within the city limits. We think Boone Tavern is the best place in town to savor a bite of southern cuisine in a “tastefully casual” atmosphere.