Best European Honeymoon Destinations

Best European Honeymoon Destinations

Planning a European honeymoon can be really difficult. There are so many amazing destinations to choose from. How could you both possibly choose?


We’ve broken down some of the most popular European cities and regions to visit based upon what type of honeymoon you want.

Unique Cities


Granted, every city in Europe seems so different than what we are used to in the US.  However, these three cities are such utterly unique destinations that we think they are worth setting apart for the couples who want a distinctive honeymoon experience. Venice, with its winding canals and tiny footbridges, has to make this list. One need only take a walk through Prague to understand why its cobblestone street, friendly locals, and Eastern European architecture made it a must-see. Copenhagen seems like a world unto itself, but it is especially magical at Christmastime with its chilly open air markets and lit-up carnival amusement parks, all set off with a backdrop of dramatic architecture and Danish simplicity.


Romantic Seasides


Of course, if ‘your’ Europe is a whole lot of warm weather, sunny beaches, and luxury resorts, there is many a locale for you.  These three destinations are pretty darn spectacular.  In Italy, the Amalfi Coast (pictured above) is known for its Mediterranean glamour.  You can stay in the cities with the suntanned fabulous or venture along the coast to visit quaint towns. With its trademark whitewashed houses with bright blue roofs, the Greek Isles remain the quintessential seaside honeymoon spot.  However, if you want the ultimate in waterfront luxury, Nice, France is calling your names. With great food and plenty of style, Nice is one very chic town.


Architectural Gems


Are you two all about the architecture? Do you find yourself daydreaming about castles and cathedrals and courtyards (oh my!)?  To find the castles that inspired the homes of Disney royalty in just about every animated classic, travel down Germany’s astounding Romantic Road (pictured above), chockablock full of castles, charming villages, and beautiful forests. Visit Rome to discover countless famous landmarks, including St. Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum, and the Parthenon. Likewise, a trip to Athens means that ancient architecture virtually surrounds you, especially the Acropolis perched over the city.  Slightly more modern, Brussels offers a wide range of examples of some of the most influential movements in architectural history (The Grand Palace being the most notable), as well as plenty of contemporary contributions (like the Atomium).



Epicurean Delights


Just want to eat your way through Europe?  We understand. Totally.  Each country has its own contribution to the culinary arts, but these three destinations offer foods that you’ll be talking about for years, even changing the way you eat once you get back home. In Barcelona, paella will pretty much become your life.  With this city’s abundance of fresh seafood and a seriously inspiring selection of restaurants and open air markets, we dare you not to gain a few pounds here. Italian food isn’t just spaghetti and pizza. Every region has their own influence. While it’s hard to pick just one, we think you will love the farm-to-table approach to Tuscan cuisine. Hearty, simple fare, Tuscany’s best dishes are full of soul.  Lastly, you couldn’t do a food tour of Europe and not visit Provence.  With farms, vineyards, and lavender fields surrounding you, you’ll savor rich meats, fresh fruits, and more than your fair share of olives.

Outdoor Experiences


Prefer rural adventures to the hustle and bustle of large cities? Want to spend your days outdoors rather than cooped up in a series of tourist attractions?  Europe has some of the most impressive spots for outdoor exploration in the world, regardless of the season. In Ireland, you need to hike along the Cliffs of Moher (pictured above). Dramatic, moody, and definitely a little chilly, this natural landmark is the definition of unforgettable. Pack your wool sweater!  Ride a bicycle through the streets of Amsterdam (we promise, the cars are very friendly towards cyclists and pedestrians), and then out of town to soak in loads of rural charm, from windmills to vast fields.  The Swiss Alps offer a wide range of outdoor excursions year-round. During the summer, row a boat in Lake Geneva, and in winter hit the slopes followed by a stay at a luxurious chalet.

Museum Attractions


If a trip to Europe means soaking up as much history and culture as you possibly can, then a visit to one of these three museum-loaded cities is in order. Art lovers will adore Florence’s Uffizi Gallery (pictured above), one of Europe’s oldest art museums.  The nearby La Specola features a diverse and unique collection of natural history exhibits. Paris is home to some of the most famous museums in the world, including the Louvre and Grand Palais. There is a seemingly endless number of smaller museums, palaces, and homes to tour.  In Vienna, there is a museum for everyone, including the Sigmund Freud Museum, Jewish Museum Vienna, Mumok, and the Belvedere.